IRA vets in battle for 'war pensions'

This is utterly ludicrous in the extreme.

But with this current PC government, who knows. They may even get a gratuity to go with it. If this happens I know one NI medal that’s heading straight back to our beloved prick, Blair.


fuk that no IRA scum is a soldier they wear no uniform and dont undertake to obey the rule of law , the UFF UVF are not much better
Surley the main point is that the British soldiers who served in NI don't get a 'War' pension either. They do get a pension, but they didn't have to serve in NI to get it and it isn't any more because they did. That makes it the same as any works pension.

If the IRA want a works pension they should pay for it themselves and not burden the tax payer.

Not that I think they even deserve that mind, but I'm looking at it with a bit of logic, well more than they seemed to use anyway.

f ing hell how can they assume by fighting the government costing millions in both soldiers pay and kit there intilted to more cash????????????? does that mean i get a pension boost every time i start a fight with a police man if so watch out pigs
I can understand the logic behind this . It stinks but a long time ira member (they dont derserve the title veteran ) is sod all use on the job market but could be a pain in the arse if he turns criminal or joins a splinter group and probably can get hold of weapons explosives to sell them on ?
give him some money and he can drink himselve to death telling war stories in some pub .WHy not give them medals and pensions and let them have a big parade if its over for good .On the understanding
one incident no more money let the scum police them selves .
:twisted: personely shooting the lot sounds good .or how about incorprating the lot into a battalion irish volunteers and shipping them to afganistian or basra or any other hole :D
If this is some ones idea of a joke it's sickens me and if it is on the level then pass me the bucket right now

Thank fcuk I got out of UK 10 years ago and have NO plans to return.


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Amazing, but not unbelieveable in the current political climate.

Out here in Iraq we are paying all sorts of dodgy b*stards some wages, mainly to keep them off the streets. In fact, given the level of records keeping, we seem to be paying far more than the entire population...

There is certainly a precedent being set out her, I'm afraid. And yes, these scumbags were on the losing side as well.

If I was cynical, I would assume that payment of this will be "balanced" against the redundancy and payment of a pittance to the P/T RIR who will/have been disbanded? Again, it will be part of a plan to equate people who put their lives on the line for a decent society against anarchistic anti-social scum.
Meanwhile, down on the farm in County Down.......
A gang of Veterans turns up at the gate to tell the Settler that his farm now belongs to the War Veterans Association, so be on the next plane out, this land is to be used to grow mangos now......

President Gerry Mugadam calls for massive BritAid to help feed the masses, their starvation caused by the Imperialist policies of the last 30, or 70, or 400 years or something.

Said Pres calls Pres Blair a 'honky'.

Pres Blair calls for quiet reflection rather than material action. Goes on holiday to the Bahamas.

Settler packs up and heads for Oz.
If the IRA whether it be PIRA, RIRA, CIRA or 'what other letter of the alphabet turns up next' IRA want to become a legit organisation and qualify for pensions and the like, maybe it should put forward a contingent of troops for peace keeping duties in Afghanistan, Iraq or the Balkans.
Cant you just see them patroling the streets balaclava clad in a stolen car. finishing their shift, torching the car, burying their weapons and running off in different directions to meet up later in Paddys bar back at the camp.

The only real problem with that comes at christmas, trying to stop them from wearing blankets and smearing their accom with excrement.


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Wearing my "taxpayers" Hat

Fine, give them pensions. HMG pay pensions to HMG employees, PIRA pay pensions to PIRA employees.........oh, sorry, they haven't got the cash have they?

Wearing my "seen too many maimed" hat

Fine, give them a few quid and let them fade away via the ballot box. It is a small but foul tasting price to pay to stop more mindless violence on the part of the crime lords.
How about letting them have a 'war' pension and giving us one for serving in NI too, then they can´'t be surprised when we start dragging them up in front of war crimes courts for all the atrocities committed without regard to colateral damage, shooting of prisoners and disreagard to the Geneve Coventions?

I mean, they can't want it totally ALL their own way can they?

You think they'll start putting their hands in their pockets if anyone tries to claim damages off their 'so called army' over any damages caused. Like the Brits have been doing for as long as anyone can remember! :wink:
Well, if they want war pensions let's provide them with the 'qualifying criteria'....

"Right!...You lot start one end of Salisbury Plain, and we'll start at the other. Meet up in the middle for the big punch-up...then see who's left to collect their 'war' pensions!...."


[thought] Yankees are, unusually, a bit quiet on this subject?...all a bit embarassing for you now isn't it!?
If those ba****ds get pensions then it will set a precedent. The TA/UDR part-time firemen, lifeboat crews, special police and all others of that ilk will be in line for a pension. (read `should be in line`). Is this what we want in this country? A whole band of mercenaries as opposed to `voluntary` workers who only get paid for their time in `uniform` and do not accrue any other rights, i.e. pension, holidays and sick pay.

Give them F**K all !! :x
if this goes ahead it will be just another embarassment for all who have served acroos the water and a slap in the faces for the families who lost a loved one bty the hands of terrorist scum :twisted: :evil:

Whats the problem?

If they are entitled to a pension then surely they will be classed as combatants.

Now remind me, what does the rules say on combatants larging it around with weapons blatting off in civvie kit with no identifying marks?

Boot the sharstards as the Reverand Doctor Spooner would have said. :evil:
Won't happen in a million years, month o'sundays, when the skies darken with porkers in close formation. Reason? This involves the nasty little men from the Real Government - the Treasury...."Dept of Transport here...can we have some money for rails?" "PIss off" "MoD here...we need some more guns" "Piss off" "NI Office here..we want to give IRA men some money" Phone melts.

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