IRA Versus Al Qeada

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_boy_syrup, Sep 16, 2006.

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  1. IRA Win

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    The head of the Catholic Church has upset the Muslim faith

    There is a very good debate elswhere on ARRSE here:

    But it got me thinking if the Muslim bad boys (Al Qaeda) have a go at the Pope will the Catholic bad boys (IRA etc ) have a pop back and stick up for his holliness?

    Given the amount of funding that PIRA used to receive from our American cousins when they were empoverished potato eating freedom fighters trying to break the shackles of British torture think of the amounts and awards the septics would shower on them if the took on the axis of evil?
    If Iran took Al Qeada's side it could be a proxy battle between America and Iran
    Maybe even the Jews and the Catholics could kiss and make up?
    Who would we support?
    We could sit on the sidelines with matron and the fat wheezy boys and watch the results role in
    Should we encourage the pope to carry on I've drafted a new speach for him that may get a result .I hope he uses it
    Muslims :I've sh1t em
    Mel Gibson could make the film!!
    :D :D
  2. Impossible.

    The IRA would go broke if the Afghans cut off the heroin supply.

    And since Uncle Gerry is the second coming of the messiah he would strike the dodgy foreigners (assuming SF weren't wearing their internationalist socialist pants that day) with bolts of holy lightning to the accompaniment of Enya.

    Failing that they would convince them that mass suicide was BATNA...they've convinced our Governments of stranger things.
  3. I see the Pope as a bit of a Rommel. They could call him "The Holy Fox" and then unleash him with a couple of SS Panzer units.... Sorry getting carried away. The question we should be asking is will Mohammed Ali be fighting?
  4. IRA would drink em under the table!
  5. You'd soon find out just how supportive the boys in Boston could be when the 'RA start asking for space on the Aldergrove runway for their F-15s.
  6. I think Al Qeada would be a bit thrown as they would not be used to having this sort of thing done to them! While they carry out their outrages and then expect the entire world to feel sorry for them and take pitty on the fact that they are doing it because of their belifes and fighting against opression then the car bombs started going off outside the local known sympathetic Mosque on a Friday afternoon then they would be, for want of a better word, be fcuked. Thinking that it could be done back to them would mess up their entire game plan and put the fear of errrr God up them. A quick trip down the falls would remind us of the association of the IRA to the PLO and that alot of the tactics camefrom consulity with the Belfast boys!
  7. Aye,

    The old Easter parade in Belfast used to be quite amusing.

    I'll hand it to SF they had some excellent party planners.
    There can be few organisations in the world who could manage to put on a demo at which speakers included a representative of the "Boston Irish" a Palestinian female "Freedom Fighter" and a Native American rights activist without blood being spilt.
  8. I would see the Pope as Emperor Palptine (Star Wars evil dude type) and he would bring down Ossama Bin Lager (Anakin soft as lard Skywalker) so there would actually be no need for the troops of either side to come out of there caves/council houses!!

    Although it would be quite funny if the Anti Christ Emporer of Rome was brought down by a man in flip flops and a loin cloth.....

    Fook me I could write a book about that and get 11 other guys to do little anecdotes (I think I will call them gospels) and call them disciples .... blah blah blah.....
  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again

    A massive airborne drop over Mecca and Medina of pigs on parachutes....

    Just think of the carnage that would cause.....
  10. This was a tough one.
    [​IMG] V [​IMG]
    In a beardy windbag bore off I think we might have a draw.
  11. PIRA and al-Quaeda start blowing each other up somewhere remote - and it's a win-win situation as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Fcuk 'em if they can't take a joke. Ratzi the Nazi should re-form the Knights Templar and declare a Crusade.

    Interesting to note that when a load of Tampaxheads started demnstrating outside a church - I think it was in London - Plod did nothing and let them wave placards that said things like Jesus Is The Slave of ALLAH!

    I wonder if Plod would be quite so understanding and patient if I stood outside a Mosque waving a Mohhamed Was a Peado placard? After all, he did marry a 9 year old girl.
  13. Al Qaeda would probably have a better chance of winning, they're all for blowing themselves up, as far as i remember the IRA were more into bombings which were remote, not strapped to their own bodies!
  14. If only we'd had DNA techniques in the 80's: I remember one of The Boys was so scared of capture after a (sadly, lethal) M60 ambush in West Belfast, that the follow-up patrol found a pile of his steaming puke marking the getaway route.

    So - I'll have to ask me mate at Ladbroke's whether they see the odds as being in favour of a bunch of Irish psycho gangsters who are terrified of not being executed, or a bunch of gun-toting 3rd-world koran-thumpers who think death = glory.

    It is a tough one.

    Either that, or I'll get the boys at Medal of Honour to work up a demo game . . . . :D