IRA V Taliban - Who would win?

Who do you think would win?

  • The Taliban - deadly extremists battling in the mountains of Afghanistan

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  • The IRA - elusive, hard-hitting masters of Ireland's urban jungles (!)

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Who would win in a fight between the IRA and the Taliban?

The makers of an American television show have created a computer simulator to provide the answer to a question no-one was asking, outside of a school playground or in a pub after a few too many drinks.

Deadliest Warrior pitches hypothetical fights between historical figures, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of factors such as weaponry and tactics, like a hi-tech version of playground card game Top Trumps.

The analysis is used to create a computer model where the battle plays out to the death.

It is broadcast by Spike, a cable channel owned by MTV aimed at "young adult males", and the pitch for Sunday's programme is suitably dramatic.

"The Taliban - deadly extremists battling in the mountains of Afghanistan, versus the IRA - elusive, hard-hitting masters of Ireland's urban jungles.

"It's a battle to the death, between two lethal guerrilla warriors, armed to the teeth with flamethrowers, rocket launchers, carbines, mines and a devastating home-made bombs."

DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson said the programme could be seen as glorifying terrorism.

"I think it is entirely regrettable that once again we have media outlets seeking to exploit ruthless terrorism for commercial gain," he said.

"It may be seen as a bit of fun, but young people are very impressionable, and it is wrong to glorify a terror group when countless people lost their lives."

Previous episode titles include Viking vs Samurai, Spartan vs Ninja and Pirate vs Knight.
I wonder if it could be arranged for real? :twisted:
IRA would win.

You forget their world class capablities at makeing themselbes out to be "victims".

Before you know there would be worldwide condemnation of the Taliban for their acts of "terror" against the peaceloving IRA. Obviously their political wing would engineer this, and their own terror actions would be carried out by their own "break away" movements.
It is a fairly entertaining waste of an hour. Featuring such other classics as:

Shaolin -vs- Maori
Knight -vs- Apache (the people not the gunship)
Viking -vs- Samurai
William Wallace - vs- Shaka Zulu

My money is with the rag tops.
I've heard that Rockstar Games are bringing out a 90's set game "OASIS vs BLUR"
Flashman - V - Sharpe.

I think Flashman would weasel his way to victory Damn his eyes.
Princess Diana (Queen of hearts) V Jade Goody (Peoples Princess)


Book Reviewer
I think this one's got legs. Take the Poira out to Afghan, set them off against Terry, and then get some FAC boys on the case from the sidelines.

Lots of small ground bangs on both sides followed by some nice big 500lb and 1000lb bangs thrown from the air to finish of the survivors.

Think of it as a three-way match. Poira VS Terry VS us. Let's see those dirty PIRA cnuts do a quick getaway in the desert! :twisted:

Another good one - Mo Molam VS Broon.


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"The IRA - elusive, hard-hitting masters of Ireland's urban jungles.
Is that Yank speak for murdering cowerdly scum?

I think the Taliban would take them in a fight to the death
The IRA don't fight to the death
No matter how backwards the Taliban seem I can't see them sitting in sh1t covered cells in an old blanket whining on about being political prisoners

How about British Army v both, were not allowed airstrikes and they are not allowed any form off IED's just a straight toe to toe fight
Mohammed Omar v Slab Murphy.

Omar - 'Allahu Akbar'.

Murph - 'Be fokin Jesus'.

Omar - 'Allahu Akbar'.

Murph - 'Be fokin Jesus'

Omar - 'How many safe house in Manchester?'

Murph - ' Yer need to speaking to yer man O'Quick'.
Command_doh said:
Talibs are quite happy to die for Allah, the micks won't be too interested in losing their post - kneecapping drug cartel pension fund.

Terry would kick seven shades of sh1t out of them.
When it comes to drug dealing, the paddies are 10-bob street-corner dealers compared to 'I-can-do-you-a-couple-of-tonnes, no less' Terry. When it comes to overall violence, again Terry has the edge. The micks are/were amateurs in comparison.
The IRA understood that in order to win you must not lose. How many did the British Army manage to kill? very few. The Taliban on the other hand are quite happy to expend manpower. The British Army has problems with this because they are now starting to use children. The IRA would have no problem shooting someone whatever age they are. Its all hypothetical really. The IRA would have a tough time getting locals to support them in Afghanistan and I don't think the Taleban would last long in South Armagh or the Falls.

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