IRA touts for the Nazis

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by steven seagull, Dec 30, 2010.

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  1. Freeview 12 starting now.

    Nazi Collaborators.

    How the IRA traded intelligence with the Abwehr. Nice to see Martin wasnt the first tout.
  2. I spotted this while flicking through the channels between programs and I've recorded it. Should be an interesting viewing later tonight.
  3. Checkout some of the Jack Higgins books from the 70/80. Old news.
  4. So far very good. The pragmatic in me can see their point. If I was in their shoes and with their mindset I'd consider wanking the devil off.

    They must have been ravenous idiots to ever think that they would get anything other than bitch whipped once the job was done.
  5. Wasnt there an IRA man who had been captured by the Nationalists in Spain who died aboard a U-Boat?
  6. Sixty

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    Aye; Sean Russell. He's been mentioned here before as his statue was beheaded and vandalised a few years back.
  7. Fiction based on fact. Did he ever write a book about the 'struggle' under his real name about the real events that states facts?
  8. You learn something every day! I was totally unaware of this phase of the 1940's and the politics behind it. The Germans appear to have cocked up by bombing Belfast one night and Dublin another. They blamed the Dublin event on some sort of mistake in 'flying errors' Some mistake that was!! Saw another Documentary the other week about all the U-boats that surrendered into Londonderry (that's what they called it on the programme anyway) 15! and they go and bomb the plop out of them for apparent fun later? Lack of forward thinking there for the museum front methinks. One of about 10,000 lacks it now appears!
  9. The bit that sticks with me is that old Dev' went to the German embassy to convey his sympathy for Hitlers death but not to the Americans for Roosevelts.

    Very telling.
  10. Well, he got his stories from some where. If he pulled them out his arse, he has a clever arse.

    His other writing handle was shit.
  11. I just caught the bit where some paddy went to Willhelmshaven to meet with the Bosch, but died on the way back and was buried at sea.... I wonder what he did wrong?
  12. And let's not forget the US sympathisers of the time, who supported the Nazi by proxy. Like today, they got involved in stuff their peanut-sized brains couldn't comprehend.
  13. Lets not forget the UK sympathizers who supported the Nazis as well.

    Oswald Mosely and the BUF
  14. Yes, but they were our traitors :)
  15. His other handles. Google him you'll find a few.

    Basically a fiction writer then yeah? The programme I mentioned was a fact based documentary not an appreciation of 'The eagle has landed'.

    It's a good job he was around or we'd never have known that paratroopers had nearly killed Churchill. **** off back to reading Warlord annuals you fool.