IRA to puts down arms

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sabre, Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. Just came up on sky,,30000-1190536,00.html?f=dta
  2. Only because the American govt have cold shouldered them and now they are cut off from all forms of financial support after that 'little' bank job a while back!
  3. Retired to concentrate on gangsterism, extortion and organised crime?
  4. So no change there then.

  5. So the IRA will disarm,

    wonder what name they will move to now and continue!!
  6. Same story on the beeb:

    IRA Story

    Excuse me if I am just a wee bit sceptical about this...
  7. question is what has our goverment given them as an incentive to issue statement
  8. They've already released Sean Kelly, the Shankill bomber, to an uproar from the unionist population and are closing quite a few PSNI bases around the country :evil:
  9. I would hate to think what Tony and his Cronies have done to get he IRA to do this; however letting convicted killers out of nick springs to mind!

    The next question is...Who won? Us or them?!!!
  10. As I understood it andaccording to De Chastalain and 'Billy' Blair the IRA had placed all their weapons into dumps already......whats the term they used for the Good Friday Agreement?.........................argh Decommissioned!
  11. a promise that they won't go to prison when they revert to terrorism again probably
  12. oh yeah, just like the Soviets did with all those thousands of tanks and arty pieces in warehouses...and the US with the aricraft graveyards in the Mojave desert :)
  13. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Can we take it as read that PIRA, CIRA, RIRA and any other quasi-IRA group are doing buisiness as normal?
  14. During the NI Troubles, the IRA was blamed for about 1,800 murders.

    weasel words from the beeb again
  15. I think it's great news - a move towards democracy. Let's give it a chance.

    Just a pity it didn't happen 30 years earlier. The original struggle was about political and economic parity, which they have had for a number of years. Let's hope that the province settles down. If the people, at some point in the future want Irish unity then let them vote for it. I hope they (the republican community) finally lift the stigma of nationalist men and women joining the police (or armed forces). Embracing law and order in this way at least takes away the unionist/loyalist argument of the 'criminal elements' (oh how ironic).

    Would you rather still be at war?