IRA supporters disrupt Armed Forces Day Parade in Glasgow

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EgyptianPTInstructor, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. IRA Supporters tried to disrupt the Armed Forces Day parade in Glasgow.

    Their efforts partly succeeded with the assistance of the police, who allowed them within shouting distance of George Sq, apparently in the interests of freedom of speech!

    Since when has waving proscribed flags and inciting religious hatred been freedom speech? They should have been arrested and charged with breach of the peace, at the very least.

    Several hundred members of the public heard their chants and set off across the square, shouting "scum", etc. They were prevented from reaching the IRA Supporters by the police, who then formed a human (?) barrier across the street to block it off. The public followed up with a couple fo choruses of Rule Britannia!

    The senior officer, an Inspector, later took a severe "in his face" ear bashing from several members of the public who objected to the police allowing the IRA Supporters so close to the Square.

    Strathclyde Police in general and the operational commander in particular, hang your heads in shame.
  2. In the Bliar/Brown Britain the politicised police are programmed to favour the minorities, especially if there is a tinge of terrorism about them.

    Disgusting and disgraceful, but sadly only to be expected.
  3. Link?
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  5. I was on the other side of the square from where the protestors were can't really say much about them though the rule britannia singing was right where I was. Didn't mind the singing that much but it did sound too much like some of the crowd thought they were at a ****ing football match instead of honouring our military.
  6. I was in George Sq today. I had heard that they planned something, the first I knew anything was happening was when everyone took to their heels running. Then I heard Rule Britannia and the shouts of scum. According to the hubby and son there were a few on the ground being kissed by boots/shoes etc.
    We were standing opposite the City Chambers on Frederick St and the junction of George St and at the start there were no police on George St until it all kicked off.
    As you say it was known that this was planned and the Police should have stopped them getting anywhere near George Sq.
  7. Yeah the police did nothing but merely react to what was going on. In fact they disrupted the event more than the protestors in some ways - that fecking helicopter droned out the speeches.
  8. Tha'ts the government. What about the protestors. :D :D :D :D
  9. P1ss poor policing again, no leadership, no direction and no responsibility.

    Where was the order? ' Clear the street'.
  10. Rewind to Luton.

    Same story, same utter rubbish policing.
  11. Seconded.

    Both the police and the scum are a fcuking disgrace to my country. :x
  12. Welcome to Glasgow........
  13. As a Scot, this disgusts me.

    Glasgow gladly united at the condemation of certain jeep driving doctors who found it difficult to find parking at glasgow airport.
    And then these cnuts raise there ugly heads unopposed.

    I feel embarrassed for my country.
    sorry folks.