IRA supporter to be deported from the USA

Discussion in 'US' started by yank_eyetie, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    There are times when I wonder if God really exists.

    Today I think I believe in him.

  2. sounds like the whole family is just trying to acclumate to the Philly life style. Why deport them they are a perfect fit. :D
  3. Sounds like a great family!

    Althought the article seems to imply he would be deported to the RoI I would guess that since he is from the UK he would actually be going back to the UK.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Read it in the Irish Echo here in NYC.
    Unsurprisingly, they have a completely different spin, making it out as if this family of Losers is somehow being persecuted because:

    1-They're Irish.
    2- They're Catholic.

    Frankly, that family is a train wreck in action.
    Sons Killed a Friend with a handgun at an Underage drinking party while his parents were out of state. He may now face prison as whilst in Probation got into a fight (where he broke the other males cheek bone) and said "I've Killed a Better man than you for less"

    Daughter is a drug addict drunk driver who killed 1 woman and injured others driving the wrong way on the highway up in Mass.
    IRS is toothcombing the fathers businesses as he paid employees off the books and other Financial Shenanigans.

    Throw in a rape or 3 and they could be Kennedy's
  6. Sen. Teddy Kennedy is going to drive the family to the airport.
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Sen. SIR Teddy Kennedy to you :(
  8. I think you should keep him, it sounds like he's got the family he deserves and with firearms charges and the IRS in his hair he won't be putting any bombs under cars for a while.
  9. True, mate. And the IRS can be much more ruthless than the IRA.
  10. At least the Yanks are fashionably late as always...

    WW1 - 1917
    WW2 - 1941
    IRA terrorism.... :D
  11. Spot on LPJ. :wink:

    Poetic justice on the whole family of scum. I hope things just keep getting worse and worse for them... 8)
  12. With his IRS returns he sounds like a shoe-in to be an MP.
  13. No need for him to leave the US to enter politics. He could follow Tom Daschle's example - "he paid the three years of owed taxes and interest -- an amount totaling $140,167 -- in January 2009, but still reportedly owed "Medicare taxes equal to 2.9 percent" of the value of the car service he received, amounting to "thousands of dollars in additional unpaid taxes"." However, if he were an ordinary Sean, he would have had all his possessions taken from him and be in prison.

    As I said, the IRS are ruthless if you are not wealthy.