IRA still clean


IRA still clean, says monitoring group

By Tom Brady Security Editor
Wednesday November 07 2007

The latest report from the International Monitoring Commission, due to be published today, will give another clean bill of health to the Provisional movement, including the IRA.

The IMC confirms its firm view that the Provisional IRA is committed to the political path and there are no grounds for any suggestion that it will be diverted from it. It also states that the IRA is not involved in terrorist activity.

However, the report covers the period from March to August 31 only and does not deal with the savage murder of 21-year-old truck driver Paul Quinn by former IRA activists last month.

Senior garda officers are satisfied that the gang of thugs, who battered Mr Quinn to death with iron bars and cudgels, was comprised of Provisionals from south Armagh.

Officers believe Mr Quinn was targeted by the gang because he had refused to "show respect" to a republican warlord in the south Armagh area and ignored warnings by senior Provisional figures in the area to move out.

The victim had earlier clashed with a republican and the son of another republican.

He was set upon by the gang after being lured to a shed on a farm near the Co Monaghan village of Oram and his internal injuries included damage to his brain and lungs while a catalogue of external wounds included a broken arm and leg.

A post-mortem examination concluded that Mr Quinn died from blunt-force trauma as a result of injuries inflicted to almost every part of his body.

All of the evidence gathered so far by the gardai and the PSNI in their cross-Border investigation indicates that former Provisionals were responsible, although there is no suggestion that the attack was sanctioned or ordered by the IRA leadership.

The murder will be examined by the IMC, on the basis of reports from the two police forces as well as other sources, in their next assessment.

- Tom Brady Security Editor

That's nice to know... :roll:
WTF is 'a former IRA activist'.
The IRA lost. Blair tried his upmost to reverse that with concession after concession. The "Bhoys" are obviously a bit p1ssed of with the loss of cudos and respect from the rest of the population and are trying to retain a bit of it.

Fcuk them, with a bit of luck they'll go back to internal feuding and hopefully they'll start killing each other again.


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I wonder if they are checking to see if they are involved in organised crime . . . oh, no, that would be a backward step.
They are still getting what they want - of course they don't need to resort to overt violence. Just wait until the government cannot cross a morale line (unlikely - I know!) or grows the balls to stand up to threats.

If I carry a baseball bat, ask you to give me money but don't use it provided you do as you're told - what have I done wrong? If it is still theft then PIRA are still terrorists.

Leopards, spots etc etc
"IRA still clean"...Yeah and I'm shagging Kylie Minogue and The Cheeky Girls in a foursome.
They're as clean as Amy Whinehouse, and Pete Doherty rolled into one.
coming from norn iron i can say i dont really care about the ira we have all these russian,litho,porto,polish gangs to worry about now
They are living in the past. Now that their opinion no longer matters, I see the the Criminal Assets Bureau is starting to take after them. It's only a matter of time before they are siting on O Connell Bridge with a plackard "Former Terrorist, Wife and 2 kids to feed" I hope! (Although I see that only 7 people have been done for fuel laundering in border areas, despite lots of raids and seizures)
The hyperlink I inserted above isn't working, so here is the Belfast Telegraph article in full:-

Heart attack kills ex-Provo Meehan

Monday, November 05, 2007

Up to 250 republicans held a minute's silence in memory of former IRA man Martin Meehan yesterday.

Mr Meehan (62) suffered a heart attack at his home on Saturday.

Sinn Fein party president Gerry Adams joined MLA Alex Maskey, Bobby Storey - the recently appointed chairman of Sinn Fein's Belfast executive - councillors and party activists for the tribute at a party strategy meeting in Belfast yesterday.

A photograph of Mr Meehan and his wife Briege was projected onto a large screen during the sombre meeting at St Kevin's Hall, North Queen Street.

Mr Meehan joined the IRA in 1966 and sided with the Provisional IRA faction when it split four years later.

In the weeks that followed internment, Mr Meehan was reputed to be the most wanted IRA man in Belfast.He was eventually detained in Crumlin Road Jail in 1971.

He escaped with two IRA colleagues that year by hiding in a manhole for six and a half hours. As they waited to scale a prison wall, the escapees covered themselves in butter to keep warm.

Mr Meehan fled to Dundalk and was arrested south of the border in 1972 with seven colleagues after a four-hour gun battle over the border with a British Army platoon.

He returned to Northern Ireland and spent three years in prison. The veteran republican had other jail terms before he was eventually released in January 1994.

He played an active role in Sinn Fein and was a councillor in Antrim.

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams expressed deep shock and sadness at Mr Meehan's death, describing him as an "exemplary republican".
V30A said:
Whats Martin Meehan's wife getting for Christmas? A smaller fcuking turkey.

Belfast Telegraph

Rot in hell terrorist scum - one down, many many many more to go.
Cracking one mate :lol:

I wonder if his missus is game for a sympathy shag just to help her forget :wink:

Fastmedic - have you seen his wife?

You would be a brave man if you did shag her!!


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