IRA 'sorry' for Disappeared


The IRA has apologised for the grief caused to the families of the so-called Disappeared.
Its statement on Friday follows confirmation that the remains found recently on a beach in the Irish Republic were those of Belfast woman Jean McConville.

The mother-of-10 is one of the so-called Disappeared who were murdered by the IRA and secretly buried during the 1970s.
So that's all right then. :evil:
So can we expect a £150 million inquiry into the 'Disappeared'?
Don't hold your fcuking breath..... :evil:
Not only an inquiry needed. The principal protagonists of the republican bowel movement (MacGuinness, Adams, de Brun, etc) must be called to fully account for their actions over the last thirty-five years before they are allowed any sort of political power over the people of Northern Ireland, just like any other person campaigning for political office in any politically mature society. What the hell the unionist politicos are thinking of in bargaining with these foul creatures like this defeats me. Peace, yes, unification with Eire possibly (and logically, why not? I've no real problems there; we're grown-ups aren't we?) gangster-terrorist bosses in charge no.

Having seen what MacGuinness and his cohorts have done to my fellow humans, with enthusiasm and forward planning, over those years, I,for one, will be an unhappy teddy if Blair has his way in fudging this. I have to live in the damned place, after all.

I know where you are coming from but if we are going to achieve a resolution in NI there has to be a compromise and that has to be provided by the state. Examples - Kenya, Malaya Cyprus and indeed any internal conflict. The major concession must always made by the state to reach a solution. It is the only way.

As a soldier I hate it like you. But history goes before us - and a compromise whilst ghastly in the short term, is far better for all in the long term.
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