IRA/Sinn Fein Fuel Scam - Two Named


"Two leading republicans have been named in the House of Lords as central figures in fuel laundering in Northern Ireland. Lord Laird of Artigarvan named the two south Armagh men, using parliamentary privilege, during a debate on the economic effects of IRA smuggling on the fuel industry.

Dismissing remarks by Minister of State Lord Rooker in which he suggested that supermarkets and cheaper petrol over the border had caused problems in the fuel business, Ulster Unionist peer Lord Laird instead laid the blame at the door of the IRA. "My Lords, is the noble Lord aware that the major problem, as we see it, is fuel laundering? Despite the fact that three plants were closed down last week, there are still nine plants in south Armagh," he said.

"One of the plants was owned by a fellow called Michael Carragher, known as the south Armagh sniper, who murdered nine members of the security forces and was given a plant to launder fuel by the IRA."

Lord Laird also alleged that a second leading republican had been involved in dumping toxic waste.

"Does the Minister also recognise that there is an environmental problem?" he said. "On the orders of Slab Murphy, a group of men dumped 45 tonnes of toxic acid, which was used to make three million litres of diesel fuel at Conra Wood on January 15.

Is it not about time that the Government clamped down on this multi-million pound industry which is distorting the economy of Northern Ireland and is helping the IRA to fund its illegal activities?"

In response, Lord Rooker quoted from last week's report by the Independent Monitoring Commission, saying: "Members and former members of the PIRA continue to be heavily involved in serious organised crime, including counterfeiting and the smuggling of fuel and tobacco."

During the debate the Minister also revealed that, since 2005, Customs had increased the number of officers engaged in tackling oil fraud in Northern Ireland from 25 or 26 to 160.

"It has maintained that level of resource since that time. Lessons are being learned," said Lord Rooker. "The Organised Crime Task Force is looking at options for how petrol-licensing powers can be announced. We have to knock this issue on the head - it's a serious problem that must be addressed."

The debate comes just days after the News Letter exclusively revealed that fuel giants BP, Shell and Esso have pulled out of Northern Ireland because of the impact of IRA laundering and smuggling."
I suppose all the murdering bas_tards who were released early or never charged need something to do.

I can't imagine 'Sinn' Hain doing anything about it.
Nice for them to be named and shamed 'in that place' where they can't use their local power, bully boy tactics or legal experts paid for with illegal money to silence people.
And in response the UK government intends to do what exactly?.............................. thought so.

I'm sure Micky C and Slab are quaking in they're diesel stained boots incase green green peace rock up in South Armagh to protest.
Did Slab get off the charges for the £9m property scam in Manchester from October last year? I remember that he lost a libel case against the Times for stating that he was the Chief of Staff of the IRA, and was pleading poverty- him being just poor farmer. :roll:
No you are all wrong, the is no IRA - Tony has told us everything is peace and happyness due to his wonderful vision whereby reality does not matter and can thus be ignored.

This is all just anti-Blair propaganda - It was he who has revealed how it is all the fault of those of us who thinks terrorists should be imprisoned for mass murder and not let out as if somehow what they did was not really a crime at all.
Slabs farm DID straddle the border - deliberately so. When we were there in 79 an RUC policeman was wellied by him as he crossed the hidden border by mistake so Slab hit him and the RUC couldn't do anything but drag the lad back across the barn. Meanwhile the Garda were laughing their socks off outside.....

I wish more people knew why Slab got his nickname though - it might stop them thinking he is a romantic rebel. ("Allegedly" he used to drop slabs of concrete side on onto peoples' knees and legs, breaking them both at the same time....) - but I'm sure he loves his Mum.
Ahh but to our glorious government they are all romantic rebels, fighting the noble cause.
I once had occassion the meet Thomas (Slab) Murphy in 1987. His barn did indeed straddle the border, and as far as I am aware his brother in-law was the Inspector in Charge of the Dundalk Garda hence the speed of their response anytime Slab's farm was paid a visit on our side.
Didn't Slab have a think for using breeze blocks to cave peoples heads in too?

Or am I thinking of one of the other scrotes?
TheHelpfulStacker said:
Ahh Slab Murphy.

I lived on top of a hill near him for a while. :wink:
The Golf Towers - bring back happy memories of stinking of chip fat and fags for weeks and weeks


(theyre all gone now arent they? - and Baruki?) - sad loss :(

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