IRA / Sein Fein loses legal case

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 58_Pattern, Jan 19, 2007.

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    Good result. Thank goodness that now the BRITISH legal system has brought home the right answer. Just a pity that Gerry & Martin did not appear at the Warrenpoint Inquiry. How many £$£$£$£ of taxpayers money was spent on that compared to Londonderry inquiry of Bloody Sunday. Grrrrr
  2. I could write an intellectual response to this, however my gut feeling urges me to write:

    'Yeeow, stick it up ye, ya C*nts!!'.
  3. They knew of it all along!

    Stuff 'em the murdering B'stads!!!
  4. According to a short article in todays Metro, Peter Hain puts the reckoning of the 'Bloody Sunday' and other legal matters at £100million, paid mostly to 'English' firms. The barmem and hotelliers around Pimlico will testify to some of that spending.
  5. of course there was still activity, however without money its been dwindlling however there are still petrol bombs there are still people getting beaten up etc, just on a minor non news worthy scale, i spent 3 months between colraine and antrim and so i heard all the stories
  6. Good news.

    Pity they weren't fcuked for funds while they were still killing people on a regular basis.

    Never mind, they'll get their money, from PIRA/USA
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    'Bouyt time too!!
    The's been a few cases over here of late where the Assets Recovery Agency have siezed & sold property,cars & money from Loyalist Paramilitaries but I don't think they've done PIRA/SF yet.The's a girl,Lucy, in my work who lives off the Upper Falls (Finaghy Rd end,cant think of the name)
    One of the locals boys she went to school with was Knee-capped a few weeks ago for Anti-Social behavior.
    The was a case in the paper a few months ago of a lad,again from up Lucy's way who stood up to some yobbos.He was taken out & shot in th knees with a 9mil.Te damage was so severe,he lost his leg.SF apparently,condemmed the attack to the press but thats all they did.
    I was once asked if SF know what the PIRA ect get up to.I answered yes,of course they do!
    Same outfit,different tactics!
  8. Still, you've got to admit, it's more effective than an ASBO :frustrated:
  9. Good news pity it never happened years ago
  10. Shame about the funds wasted, they're all the proceeds of crime.
  11. about time!
  12. Is there ever a possibility that another armed struggle (likely through RIRA) can be waged if adequate funds were raised? IIRC the major players of RIRA who were the one with the bomb making expertise have been jailed. I believe even Michael McKevitt has asked RIRA to stand down. Is this simply history repeating itself where a lull occurs before another storm rages? Or has lasting peace finally toppled armed republicanism?

  13. This will never be truly over. What has happened is that the controllers of the IRA have "grown fat" on the spoils of war. Their childrens legacy may not be such an easy ride. :( Terrorists do not "stand down" they just wait for the next opportunity.
    PIRA were and still are probably the most experienced terror operators. How long is it going to be before they "sell" their skills in GB in order to raise a bit of cash. :(
  14. God forbid (both sides are religious) but could it ever be conceivable we'd see a RIRA/32CSM and Islamist hybrid? Purely for the sake of convenience and a shared enemy?
  15. Most experienced, but still cnuts. Although they were responsible for the fact that at age 9 I knew how to check a car for UVIEDs. The joys of BAOR in the 80s.