IRA property seized in Manchester

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by H_FLASHMAN, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. Where did they get £30 mill from?

    The article contradicts itself by saying upto £30M of properties were seized, thenm states the all of the property is worth £9M...

  2. It is the equity which is estimated at £9M: the net value after deducting secured loans (mortgages). Purchasing property with mortgage assistance is a recognised money laundering technique - looks a lot more innocent than turning up with a carrier bag full of used fivers.
  3. Ah, i'll take your word for it. :?
  4. :lol:
  5. The figure i heard from a reputable source is actually £300 million. That would make a realisable equity figure of £9m much more believable. Sound result anyway!
  6. About time they decided to actually target some of the many pies that 'Slab' Murphy has his podgy little fingers into. He's been sat in the middle sticking two fingers up to the British and the Irish authorities for far too long.
  7. i wonder how much compo the IRA property owners in Manchester claimed due to the bombing there last time round :roll: