IRA murderers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. "Gerry Adams has done more than anyone else in Northern Ireland to promote the peace process there,"

    see link:

    WTF this guy is very lucky his guts weren't spilled between 1970 and 75, when they should have been, if only he'd strayed onto the tip of the right foresight! right
  2. It should read this terrorist has done more than any-one else to blow 1,million Unionists in to a United Ireland.He was stopped at Washington Airport because he's on a Terrorist list which is accurate. This is the person Tony Blair invites to tea.and stuffs his pocket full of Btitish tax payers hard earned taxes.
    He should be treated as the murderer he is not lauded.The only reason there was any kind of tolerable life in Northern Ireland during his reign of terror was thanks to the British Army.Not one person has been called to account for Enniskillen a blatant bit of ethnic cleansing.Tony Blair must have a hide like a tolerate this creature.Giving him and his ilk expenses and the right to offices at Westminster is tantamount to putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.Moving the "Peace Process"indeed how will that be achieved if Paisley won't even sit in the same room.dream on Mr.Blair.Sorry about the rant .Adams and the IRA make be see red Hell would not be hot enough for the lot of them.They only wanted a peace agreement when the Army were having success against them Dyi :cry: ng for Ireland is alright as long as Gerry and his hench men weren't doing it.
  3. We are talking about a member of Our Parliament, also a person that Our security services and Our undercover forces saved in terrorist attack, set up by Our undercover forces, The game is not over yet. Please wake me up when it is, and please tell me and all the victims of the IRA it was just a bad dream. (BSBB.)
  4. The only reason that Adams and his girlfriend McGuinness are alive is by bad luck and poor judgement by those who we speak of in hushed tones. They should have been slotted and in advanced stages of decomposition by now if fate was to take a hand. :twisted:

    Time is fast running out the way Adams, enjoy the enforced stay at Washington Airport. The rubber gloves are ready and waiting for you :evil: :evil:

  5. better luck next time!
  6. nature abhors a vacuum. if gerry adams were not at the top of the Sinn Fein / IRA tree, which member would you like to see in his place? he is a scumbag, but he is far less of a hawk than most in the IRA.

    it's an imperfect world. we have to talk to these people, otherwise the "peace process" would be a rather empty animal. no point the Alliance, SDLP, UUP and Women's Coalition sitting around drinking coffee - they have no sway over the terrorist groups themselves.

    i don't see anybody lambasting the government for talking to the PUP etc. it's an imperfect world, but anybody who has served there recently would agree that NI is a far better place than it was ten years ago. not perfect, and not clear of scumbags, but a vast improvement.
  7. Shouldn,t be talking to PUP,UPRG etc either, scum the lot of them .
  8. Statistics prove that 100% of those shot dead never do it again. I think of good friends murdered by scum and of the sacrifices and difficulties endured by those who served or lived in the Province over all those years. Sickening Mr Bliar.
  9. This is so true, especially the "imperfect world" bit. But who would replace Gerry Adams? Is there anyone with whom Paisley would feel more comfortable?

    Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness may be shady characters, but I certainly have a lot more trust in them than I do in that corrupt scumbag Ahern and his gang of crooks.

    Let's just see how things progress now. I think everyone agrees that the situation in NI is much better than it was. Or are some members of ARRSE seriously suggesting that it's any worse?

  10. CR has a valid point, better the devil you know. If it had not been those pair, there would have been 2 others to move into their slots. Also, was it not too long ago that Nelson Mandela was considered a terrorist too ? reveered the world over as a peace maker and politician extrodinaire......... I would hardly want Adams & McGuinness turned into demi-gods but, they are better than the 'unknown'.
  11. The only reason Adams and McGuiness have never been topped is, who else, at that level, would have touted for us??
  12. I've heard there were several occasions when McGuiness and Adams, fully fledged murdering IRA bastards that they are, were in the sights of some lucky young squaddy but the 'powers that be' wouldn't let the shot be fired because of the political backlash and Republican uprising that would have followed. I also heard that once when McGuiness was arrested he pissed himself like a snivvelling little schoolboy in all the excitement. If it's not true he can sue me for slander.
  13. I saw McGuiness arrested in 1973 in the Creggan estate. He hadn't pissed himself when I saw him but he was not very cocky, nor doing very much to promote the cause of Irish Nationalism at the time. Very quiet, scared and timid as I remember.
  14. i had that adams in the back of me cab daahn the old kent road last week. cor blimey guvnor, did he go on. glad to kick him aaaaht at the harses of parliament, i tell ya.

    honestly, where do comments like this come from?:

    seriously mate, what f*cking planet are you from? i guess that you've never served out there, because you come across as exceptionally naive. virtually every soldier who has ever patrolled in belfast or londonderry would have come across adams or mcguinness at some point. even i have had mcguinness out of his car to be searched, it's no big deal. and he didn't wet his pants or anything, just seemed to take it as an "occupational hazard" - was totally non-confrontational, seemed he didn't want to give any excuse to be inconvenienced any further.

    unfortunately (some might say) we live in a democracy and don't go around nutting people out of hand. this is one of the biggest defences we had against the old "shoot to kill" allegations - that we knew who 80% of those involved were, where they lived, and could have taken them out any day of the week, were we like the israelis (or many other countries).

    country_bumpkin, go read some more books on the troubles before posting drivel like that again ;)
  15. As far as I'm concerned I remember him on the rifle butt as a pic, and hoping for a pic of him in my forsight

    Still do