IRA men face extradition

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Proximo, Aug 7, 2005.

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  1. From the BBC - and apologies for the length:

    Story is here.

    Let's hope that the Taoiseach makes the right call on this one, and supports the extradition of these murders and criminals back to Colombia to rot in a filthy prison for the rest of their days.
  2. Can't believe they got bail in the first place. Like they weren't going to f*ck off were they? Honest Guv.

    Well, in this current climate, they should be sent back. To deny the Columbians justice would show the world that the Irish do have double standards, when it comes to dealing with their own.
  3. "Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern has said the return of three republicans sentenced in Colombia created "enormous difficulties" for the peace process. "
    Luv to hear a full explanation of that line.
  4. If they're not extradited (which they most certainly shouldn't be), then the Irish will have proved that they have double standards? So how does that make the Irish different from any other nation then?

  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Why do you say they shouldn't be extradited? Surely you mean they should. They are convicted terrorists and have a sentence to serve in Colombia.
  6. Good shout Ord Bloke!

    Bugsy - was that a typo or are you going to expand on why you feel this mudering filth shouldn't be extradited, or reasons why the Colombian government shouldn't be allowed to at least ascertain exactly what these maniacs were doing on their soil?
  7. No, DD, that wasn't a typo. They shouldn't be extradited.
    When that ugly-looking Louise Whatsername Brit biddy was sent down for murder in America, the uproar in the UK was so great, that she was evantually released - in spite of having been found guilty.
    These three men were accused of training FARC guerillas and were acquitted of the charge - until somebody had a word.
    You, DD, and others in this thread want them extradited solely because they're (ostensibly) IRA and for no other reason. And you also want them extradited to that "model democracy" Colombia.
    The term "murdering filth" does rather give the game away.
    There was also some mention of double standards. But these are obviously OK when applied to Brits.
    That's why I say they should not be extradited.

  8. they should be extradited - they have been convicted of an offence under Colombian law and should serve their sentence. If we (in Europe) pick and choose which countries we extradited fugitives to how can we possibly expect to extradite from other parts of the world? would your view be different if these three fugitives had been convicted at the central criminal court of terrorism charges arising from their involvement in training Al Qaeda murderers?
  9. Lets hope they just vanish ehh? wink wink
  10. To quote Poppy: Would your view be different if these three fugitives had been convicted at the central criminal court of terrorism charges arising from their involvement in training Al Qaeda murderers?
    But they weren't.
    I'd also have a different view if they were kiddy-fiddlers or rapists. But they are accused of none of these either. They were also acquitted (that means found NOT GUILTY) of the charges until the Colombian AG decided (unilaterally) that they were guilty after all.
    Just about every Western nation is up in arms crying foul every time one of their nationals is convicted of whatever in another country, but when the ROI does the same, suddenly it's applying double standards.
    And if we replace IRA with SAS wherever it crops up in the conversation, we most probably wouldn't even be having this discussion - which in itself is about equal treatment.

  11. Crazy is banging his head against a brick wall in frustration. Crazy is very glad he is going to be leaving the building soon.

    These guys are going be on the podiums at the rallys between now and the next election. After which Bertie Ahern will fcuk us all.
  12. I seem to remember something in the Int Corps forum about one of these characters being "sighted" in the Green Box o'Nuts a couple of months ago...presumably it got modded?
  13. I'm kinda in two minds about those fella's. They've a record as long as your arm. T are techy types who excelled at building bombs and inprovised mortars. The third was allegedly the Sinn Fein representive in Cuba. (eh? Sinn fein has a diplomatic corps?)

    However, they claim they were in Columbia to observe the negociations that were happening then. Which, unfortunatly, is quite plasible.

    They say they used false passports as their criminal record would have prevented them from entering. Which was a criminal act, and one they've done the time for.

    The appeal court took months to examine all evidence against them, and listened to their defence. It aquitted them, said the prosecution case was neglible. However, it insisted that they remain in the country until the military court, which I think had higher precedence in Columbia, (not a lawyer, sorry. Correct me if I'm wrong) took the case in a closed court, no jury, no legal advice. They apparently read three months of evidence, legal opinion and verdict in two hours, came out and pronounced the men guilty for 17 years.

    Sorry lads: If a british citizen was treated like that, there would be absolute uproar.

    I gather the Columbia govt are going to ask for an extradition. Sure. And the Irish govt should listen to it, and then insist that the columbian govt submit all their evidence before an Judge and Jury: Not some Kangaroo Court of Colonels.
  14. Of course, Bugsy your example is slightly flawed. The 3 murdering scum flith who were caught in columbia are actually guilty. They were caught training FARC.

    "On 11 August 2001, authorities in the Colombian capital Bogota said they had arrested three Irish men who had been in an area of the country controlled by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), marxist rebels waging an ongoing guerrilla war. The authorities accused them of being members of Sinn Fein IRA and of training FARC fighters. The three men had been travelling on false passports. At first they said they were eco-tourists but later added they were there to study the Colombia peace process.

    While the IRA is long known to have nurtured international links with paramilitary organisations including ETA in Spain and Palestinian groups, the news came as a total surprise. While security forces tried to assess what was going on, Sinn Fein denied that the three men were working for the party but later after American pressure admitted that they where indeed Sinn Fein IRA members."


    IRA, in FARC controlled area, Fake passports, looking at the flora and fauna. No really.

    Where as Louise Woodwards guilt is sketchy at best. It was based largely on medical expert advice rather than witness or any other evidence and in the light of all the recent shaken baby aquitals which were, by and large, similar read the following....

    "Medics who arrived at the Eappen household following Woodward's 911 call found that the baby had two-and-a-half inch skull fracture. Matthew's eyes were bulging - a possible sign of Shaken Baby Syndrome."

    There was also a long list of other au pairs of the family who had either been sacked or quit who testified that the other son, a toddler, was often excessively violent towards the baby. Although in fairness she should have been able to prevent this sort of injury, so is partially to blame if the toddler did indeed injure the baby whilst it was under her care.
  15. spams may shove there oar in big style george while busy with the sandpit has'nt quite forgotten the jungle so may not take kindly to "communist terrorists" hiding in ireland
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