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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by OIorDIE, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. Hey, I have just read peter taylors book series with the British army, the IRA and the loyalists each having a book written on them.

    It came across as the IRA and the British army were politically motivated, this of course isnt me saying the IRA were soldiers or not terrorist but I just mean they were fighting for a political cause, not legitimising atrocities and their actions or even their cause here btw.

    The British Army came across as a political and profesional army, with some questionable actions by individual soldiers noted, the 99.9 percent of the army seemed to be of course fighting to prevent the IRA and to stop killing and keep the NI state afloat.

    However the Loyalists seemed to be the worst kind of cunts we have in England, claiming the British flag but acting like vile scumbags and dealing with one hand and killing innocents with another.

    The thing that struck me however was in the documentaries based on the books, you see a British army soldier saluting a passing IRA funeral prosession during a funeral, how prevelant was this and were the early IRA seen as enemies but worthy of respect for fighting for their country or was this very rare?

    Also how do the IRA justify their armed campaign despite the majority not supporting it and what is going to be done to these rira murdering cunts who killed british soldiers recently?
  2. Is the title relevant in anyway whatsoever?
  3. And this has exactly what to do with the Salford Riots?
  4. haha, no, sorry i was going to put up a article i read by a guy on the salford riots but couldt be fucked :D
  5. fixed, sorry for that everyone.
  6. Saying that what has this to do with current affairs?

    Can I recommend that this thread makes its way to the hole by the shortest possible route!

    OP I cannot be fucked to read your tripe.
  7. erm well the IRA are still there, despite how small, so thats kinda how
  8. :spiderman:btw your a cunt
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  9. BTW this is current affairs not the naafi.
  10. And still kneecapping teenagers no doubt?

    To the hole!
  11. "see a British army soldier saluting a passing IRA funeral prosession during a funeral"

    You have clearly never served have you?
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  12. ofcourse, i never said they were not cunts???
  13. I wish I'd been drinking this afternoon, because that would explain why I cannot follow this thread. However being completely sober I am at a loss to know what the OP is on about.
  14. I guess my question is why did some soldiers salute IRA volunteers at funerals, as the vid i linked shows.