IRA - legitimate cause????

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Arfur, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. Don't know if anyone saw this on the BBC news....

    Labour spokesman, no idea who sorry, was asked (on the subject of the terror bill) the following (paraphrasing but close):

    Q: BBC: would you have supported locking up people selling "sinn fein" literature under the glorification laws

    A: labour spokesman: that's like comparing apples and bricks. The IRA supporters had a legitimate cause. This group. I don't know what they want. An Islamic state? This is a multicultural, multifaith country. Ordinary people have nothing to worry about.

  2. yep and the Labour party are in charge...frightening!!
  3. Jeeez, they'll be freedom fighters and not terrorists if this keeps up...........
  4. Don't worry just think in 20 years time we will have a Muslim Prime Minister and we will be all converted to Islam by force. You can imagine in 7 or 8 years we will have statues of so called marters who died in the name of Islam. Thats the direction we seem to be going with Labour.
  5. If it's just a case of them having 'a legitimate cause', why were all the laws brought in to conter their actions in the 70's, 80's and 90's discribed as 'Anti Terrorism Legislation' ??

    Sh1t, why not hand Brimingham, London and the numerous other areas with a large proportion of Muslim people over to them? They have the 'Legitimate Cause' of following their own religion and protecting their families from wesern influence. How different is that from wanting a united Irland and an end to British rule in the north?

    Labour want to sort their act out, they are a disgrace to the many soldiers, RUC and civilians that were killed and injured as well as the whole country!
  6. Well, going out on a limb here, it is perfectly legitimate to espouse the CAUSE of a united Ireland. The SDLP do it all the time, and no-one calls them terrorists. The IRA's methods in pursuing its cause, however, were inexcusable in a situation where people were free to vote in favour of a united Ireland and/or leave NI if they so disliked British rule.

    OTOH, it is, of course, perfectly legitimate to espouse the CAUSE of a worldwide Islamic caliphate...
  7. Through out the N.Ireland problem, our troops & the RUC, were on the receiving end of all flack, our covert units (Army) took the terrorist's on at their own game and gave them a run for their money, now that peace has broken out, in N. Ireland, the Government are now going to shaft our guy's, ( Stevens 3 ) This should be a lesson for our troops today on (special duties) in this fight against terror, today you are hero's, next year you are rouge agents that will be brought before the courts. ( there is no such thing as a clean war.) the Government & public should wake up and smell the coffee. :!:
  8. I believe it is attributable to the slimy piece of sh*t that is ..........PETER HAIN. He who is none other than the present Northern Ireland Secretary.

    Edited by PTP
  9. Fablon , you'll need to find a reputable source to confirm that allegation before if appears here please?

  10. PTP,
    It was peter hain, and he said it on question time.

    dont know if anyone else saw the programe? i thought he was very uncomfortable during the whole programe and did not look like he was there by choice.

    must admit though it was the usual bbc left wing biased audience...........other than the BNP heckle who i think got ejected :roll:
  11. They're still flogging the "IRA-Undefeated Army" t-shirts on the Sinn Fein website. I wonder if that's going to stop anytime soon?

    Somehow, I doubt it.
  12. Frankly, they can sell whatever they want out of Parnell Square. Here we are in 2006, 37 years since the Troubles began and there still isn't a United Ireland and when there is, it won't be the Shinners running it.

    We may not have won, but they sure as hell lost.
  13. There were some losses on our side. Honesty in politics. Integrity. Many soldier's lives when the whole issue was not worth the death of the squadron cat.
  14. At least PIRA didn't march to London in their thousands with their demands. Some gadget on SKY News on my TV in my house just told me "We demand this from you...". Jesus, I'm annoyed.
  15. Regardless of whether a United Ireland is a justifiable cause or not. There is no doubt over Sinn Fein links to a terrorist organisation. Additionally in my oppinion it would be difficult to argue that the Republican News (An Phoblact?) was not an instrument to glorify terrorism.