IRA Jail Escapers Wont Be Extradited

I see the BBC is reporting that the IRA guys who shot their way out of Brixton in 1991 won't be extradited as "there is no reasonable chance of a conviction". Seems odd that - never mind their original offences - shooting your way out of a prison is a non-convictable offence. Also I see that one of them was conviceted of killing a Garda - yet the Irish are letting him out after 12.

IRA Jailbreak
But don't worry the Government will send the computer hacker over to the USA to stand trial even though he could be tried here. The standards of this Government are great.


War Hero
Don't be silly. Nothing they did was at all naughty in anyway and they're very, very, very, very nice lads. Honest! :roll: :twisted:

They've let the rest out, so why should they bother these terrorists... I hope something nasty befalls them both...

Complete crap but not at all surprising from this lot. :twisted:

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