'IRA' Group Sent Devices To Army Offices

'IRA' Group Sent Devices To Army Offices A group calling itself the IRA has claimed responsibility for devices sent to armed forces recruitment centres last week. An emergency meeting of the government's Cobra committee was held on Thursday after a string of crude but potentially explosive devices were mailed to seven armed forces recruitment offices in the south-east of England. The devices were said by the government to have "the hallmarks of Northern Ireland-related terrorism". Scotland Yard confirmed on Monday that a group claiming to be the IRA was taking responsibility. ................On DIIF so all over the place
Well, there's a surprise...

I guess they haven't gone away you know...

it must be a whole new mob because they haven't had a single device go off as they stroll down to the post office, always liked to see the premature explosions reported on the news, as they scraped paddy off the street.

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