IRA Funding from America.

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GCSE are dumbed down O Levels

In the modern UK 7 "A star" GCSE's mean you used the correct crayon to right you name on the exam paper
Wouldn’t agree with that statement, teacher who’s been teaching for 20 odd years (biology) said that the new exam syllabus is one of the hardest she’s seen
Wouldn’t agree with that statement, teacher who’s been teaching for 20 odd years (biology) said that the new exam syllabus is one of the hardest she’s seen
Yes and no. If students sat the current exams with old grade boundaries then yes, the majority would fail. As in get no grade at all (a U in old money).

The issue is that when Gove's changes were introduced the decision was made to peg the new results to the old ones. That meant that if, for example, 30% of students got a grade B before, the grade boundaries would be adjusted so 30% of students got a grade 6 in the new exams. To get the same number of students the same grade on harder exams the grade boundaries plummeted accordingly.

Where before you might need 92% to get an A*, now you just need to scrape 70% to get the equivalent 8. In some exams (I think maths was the worst offender) the pass mark was so low it was less than 20%. Effectively meaning you could fail 80% of the exam and still get a 'good' pass.
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Do you think if the IRA had modern ATGM's (for the time) and MANPAD's, that you would have been able to wipe them out?
I think if the IRA were to deploy those the UK could have a whole range of options - including maritime interdiction and 'at source' interventions.

Big boys' games don't only get played by the one side.


It is my understanding, which began to grow after a conversation with an RUC Officer in the very early 1980s, that while $12m looks kinda impressive viewed in isolation, it was substantially less important to PIRA as a revenue stream than is commonly understood, even if it had considerable psychological or propaganda importance.

As the Troubles moved, under Gerry and Marty, into the Long War phase of their campaign, multiple local revenue sources were systematically developed. They included protection money paid by black cab drivers in Republican areas; unlicensed gaming machines; X-border smuggling from Eire (which became ever more popular as EU subsidies became available, leading to the same cargo of pigs being endlessly - and very discreetly - shuttled back and forth, each return leg leading to a cash handout); drug-dealing, and, last but not least, the UK taxpayer, whose money paid for extensive government funded redevelopment projects, whose costs invariably included a premium added by each and every bidder, to pay off paramilitaries (Prods were at the same game on their own turf) without which no workmen would turn up to dig holes, erect scaffolding or lay bricks.

And I mustn't forget: there was Gadaffi.
Adding that running an organisation full of psychopathic gunman, tends to be an expensive pastime. When the US money began to dry up, local extortion became a much needed life safer. That’s not to say that Adams and his shite face conspirator were safe, coz a psychiatric nutter, isn’t always fussy about his targets, especially when he’s not getting paid.

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