IRA Fugitives Can Return Home Under Amnesty Scheme

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MOD_Oracle, Nov 10, 2005.

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  1. Whilst those who served thier country there will be dragged in front of a tribunal.
  2. ...and the ex-RUC guys jump on the bandwagon to get their share of the handout pie.

    Where's my PVR form?
  3. "'Tis a mortal thing to be a soldier, very..."

    As the old saying goes, if you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined but sometimes the joke will be on you!!
  4. It's not a joke though when the likes of Charlie Caulfield who it is alleged is responsible for Enniskillen, can be allowed to get off scot free while those of us who were trying to apprehend the alleged murdering b*stard are facing the possibility of having our actions in the last 30 years raked over so that we can be hauled before the Courts. All part of Tony's alleged tolerant way forward. What a sell-out!
  5. I'm prepaired to live and let live. As long as Paisly is slotted along with McGuiness first.
  6. Quite disgusting when the terrorists can go home to a "hero's welcome." What about all the poor soldiers who died in this "war." Those terrorists should be lined up and shot...

    My sympathies to all of you who have given part of you life in NI...
  7. This is typical "Third Way" tripe. Anyone that thinks any fugitives will return home to be charged and released under license is deluded. They won't because:

    a. They tend to believe their actions were justified (the fact that no-one else does is another matter);

    b. They are unlikely to be foolish enough to believe anything that T Bliar assures them.

    Next stupid idea please....
  8. You're joking right PVR? Whatever about the rights/wrongs of whats being proposed the fact is the on-the-runs are going to jump at this chance...

  9. How much nicer if there could be a reception committee arranged for them. I'm sure the Paras, the Cheshires, the Light Infantry and many many others would be more than happy to oblige!
  10. Wishful thinking... :roll: however, in the event of an ideal world descending upon us reconstructed securocrats, any 'accidents' these guttersnipes might meet with would merely make them martyrs. No, I'm afriad that tricam is quite correct - the 'on the runs' are going to jump at this opportunity to effectively have their slates wiped clean (not that they were in any way besmirched to begin hell they weren't...). In years to come, when what's left of civic society in Ireland sifts through the rubble of the island, they will look back at this time and say 'from such things did the end come'.
  11. The next iteration will be that the 'on-the-runs' will get together, turn on the tears, and then demand compensation from HMG for the stress experienced whilst on the run!

    I joke not; NI = a country of professional compensation seekers.
  12. This all ties in with the Gov'ts big picture regarding terrorism. The proposals being kicked about at present are a 50% reduction in jail time for terrorists who cop a plea or who provide info on their terrorist friends. Northern Ireland was just the start of the Gov'ts idea of how to deal with the problems we face (all out of jail, withdrawals, security posts cut back, salary and expenses if you'r elected but don't even sit as an MP, backdated immunity.. the list is endless - and the other side don't even have to have their weapons decommissioned in the open) Personally, I thought the number one duty of a Govt is security of the country/people....