ira footage turns oout to be video game footage from arma 2

Idiot Documentarians Reveal "Secret IRA Terrorism Footage". It's a Video Game from 2009.[Update]

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UK documentary examining possible connections between Muammar Gaddafi and the IRA apparently confused video game play for actual IRA footage of a helicopter being shot down.

In the documentary Exposure - Gaddafi and the IRA, aired Monday night in the U.K., a voice can be heard saying, "With Gaddafi's heavy machine guns it was possible to shoot down a helicopter as the terrorists own footage of 1988 shows."

On the screen viewers witness shaky footage of what appears to be a heavy machine gun mounted into the bed of a camouflage-painted pick-up truck. The words IRA film 1988 are displayed over the video. In the footage, viewers see a group of men in balaclavas standing around the vehicles as it fires at a distant helicopter.
"This was what the security forces feared most," the voice continues. "It may have been a lucky hit, but for the Army and crew once was enough. No one died in this attack..."

That's probably because the footage actually came from ARMA 2, a tactical shooter released for the computer by developers Bohemia Interactive Studios in 2009.
Reminds me of the media being suckered in by this 'captured US soldier' footage

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To be honest I happened to flick over to this as it was shown and was cross and surprised in equal measure until I saw the smoke from the heli being hit when it became apparent that it was a game never mind movie CGI.

As an aside I hadn't heard of the episode where 18 known IRA cellphones went live all at once within a mile of some negotiations between HMG/PIRA.
Very "Spooks".
Stupid cnuts - if they had wanted footage of the 'RA shooting down Brit heli's all they had to do was go the Ard Fheis a couple of weeks ago in the Waterfront Hall in Belfast. They were selling provo 'in-action' vids from stalls in the hall to raise money for political prisoners.

Plus the soundtrack and editing was always much better than that poxy clip!


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On the plus side, future updates to VBS2 promise to make pre-deployment training on the simulators that much more immersive!