IRA expert tested bombs in Bahrain

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. Indeed!

    I'm not doubting the truth of this but it surprises me a bit as I always understood Bahrain to run a tight security ship, not least because IIRC their secret squirrel boss for years was a Brit (Ian Henderson?).
  2. purleeese!
  3. Not doubting the actual story (the Feckin scum bag), but he's obviously 'flowered' it up a bit too make it sound a bit more cloak and daggerish!! Especially the bit about 'getting' into the SAS lads stationed in Bahrain, I would have been surprised if any regt. lads gobbed off to any civvy about S.O.P's!!!
  4. msr

    msr LE

    By day, Eamon McGuire was a senior engineer with Aer Lingus. In his spare time he bought equipment and designed bombs, landmines, rockets and technology to shoot down British army helicopters in “Bandit Country”.

    How many helicopters were shot down?

  5. He appears to be living in a bit of a fantasy world, perhaps all the HME addled his brains? I love his claim that somehow the British Army covered up its losses in S Armagh. Bizzarre.

    This article brings a degree of cheer:

    Hopefully McGuire is also drinking himself to the grave.
  6. It brought a smile to my face. :):)

  7. Another IRA gobshite who buys into that ridiculous "Brits conceal their casualties" crap. I wonder how we managed that, they couldn't all have been shown as RTA fatalities in Germany as is widely believed in "Norn Iron", or West Belfast at any rate! :D

    Good point about the choppers too, how many did they shoot down, one maybe? :roll:
  8. Gents there where two Helis shot down by IRA in the era 69-90.
    A Lynx in mid 87 and a Gazzelle in early 90. Both aircraft where Cat 5 wright offs. A passenger was seriously injured in the Gazelle attack, all other crew where just shaken and probably stirred.
    Both where shot down by MG fire.
    I remember a Scout 660 Sqn, being hit in 75 but that flew from ops in South Armargh to Aldergrove and was on line later same day.
  9. Thanks for that jonwilly, however I doubt somehow that Mr Mcguires technological input had much to do with either of them. Incidentally, he manages to omit the fact that once the Golf towers were finally built and properly manned the incidents of PIRA attacks on the Army fell off dramatically as their main tactical advantage, being able to scuttle back over the Border into the Republic within minutes of an attack, disappeared. They weren't quite so f**king brave then were they!
  10. Hey - next point - IRA decommissioning - offer ASUs to NATO to provide troops for HERRICK. Our American friends think this is a great idea.
  11. Bump. Regret spouting that much.
  12. a certain rather old ex-RAF squadron leader, now one of the civvie instructors on 705 sqn in shawbury, took a round through the canopy on one of his first sorties out there in the 70s - to much jealousy from his more senior colleagues, apparently ;)
  13. Correct

    I can well believe his story actually.

    Firstly, there is plenty of quiet desert to test such equipment (I know it's small but it’s not THAT small).

    Secondly, the old Gulf Aviation ops building and hangers are right next to where the RAF were based in Murharraq and its simply a case of just driving around on the apron and, being a ground engineer, he would have had a free reign.

    Third, as he was working in the airlines, getting stuff in and out of the country would have been alot easier (skipping x-rays and being waved through customs) especially in the early 70's.

    Fourth, it is a small community (even smaller back then) and alot of military types pass through and latch on to it while they are there. In my limited experience I have noticed that being 3000 miles away from the problem and with a bit of booze on them, tongues do slip (I seriously doubt THEY did, but there are plenty of other British military and ex military personnel about). Having said that I do think he is hamming this point up alot (not like an Irishman to exaggerate or anything, especially for a news paper article).

    Lastly, Mr Henderson's main responsibility was keeping the Shia population in check as alot of them are of Persian descent and are not above kicking off in the name of Iran (In 1981 there was a failed coup and in the mid 90’s riots and bombs were common place, sub stations being their personal favourite) He, by all accounts, was good at this, which is probably why he is not going back to the UK any time soon. So being that Mr McGuire was not a perceived threat (being Roman Catholic and all) he could have gotten away with alot over there.
  14. The three incidents I mentioned where on units I was serving on.
    There where many other instances of aircraft being hit by small arms fire but only two aircraft brought down.