IRA chief gets €4m tax bill from Criminal Assets Bureau

Oh dear, the poor wee poppet is going to be out of pocket :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

THE Criminal Assets Bureau has slapped a tax bill for more than €4m on the chief of staff of the Provisional IRA, Thomas "Slab" Murphy.

The tax bill was processed alongside the massive cross-border operation into his alleged involvement in a multi-million euro organised crime racket.

It was served on Murphy earlier this month after an assessment of his wealth was completed by financial experts on behalf of CAB.

Documentation and computer files seized in the cross-border raids as well as evidence gathered in the huge investigation last October will form a key part of the State's case if the tax assessment is challenged in the courts.

But lawyers acting for Murphy may seek to negotiate a settlement of the massive tax bill.

A detailed examination of the 30 boxes of documents taken from the homes of Slab Murphy, his brothers, Patrick and Francis, and the headquarters of Ace Oils Ltd, all with addresses at Ballybinaby, Hackballscross, Co Louth, will take several months.

But an initial look at the paper trail has convinced garda officers that the network built up by Murphy and his associates along the border over the past couple of decades has ensured that it is very difficult to be involved in oil distribution activities there without his knowledge.

The High Court in Dublin this week granted an interim order to CAB freezing more than €1m in cash and cheques which had been seized in the cross-border searches
There is another forum running on this I believe....
:twisted: :twisted: Don't you feel sorry for the guy......NOT!!

If he can't be sentenced to hard time then he will have hard times without cash. God, I hope he hurts. Well done to the authorities for getting this pillock bang to rights :D

Sign of the times Slab, you usless tw@t.

You can see I'm choked :evil:

Oh dear, what a shame.

It was tax evasion that they got Al Capone with as well.

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