IRA bomber sues police

£150,000 for not having a piss for six hours!!!!! y didn`t he just do wot they normally do and piss and shit all over the cell! :mad: :mad: :mad:


Boo Bloody hoo :'(

Ask mr sands if he had any problem going to the toilet during the hunger strike..
Understand this, our lilly livered government will probably submit to this murdering scumbag.

Bad show old chap!!!!!!!!
With a name like Monaghan he must be guilty!

Certainly does not sound like a MOTORMAN style fcuk up to me.

Wait till they arrest Eamon Hackballs-Cross :eek:


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The report says the suit is for not allowed a piss for sixhours yet the police statement says false arrest. One would think the BBC would be able to report properly.

Somebody has been taking the piss.