IRA at it again.

A car bomb has exploded near an Army base in Holywood, County Down, forcing the evacuation of several homes.
The blast seems to have been timed to coincide with the precise moment that policing and justice powers devolved from Westminster to Stormont.
It happened at about 0020 BST outside Palace Barracks, where MI5 has its NI headquarters. A warning was given.
Dissident republicans have been blamed for the attack. An elderly man was treated in hospital for minor injuries.
The bomb was placed in a taxi, which was hijacked in the Ligoniel area of west Belfast, about seven miles from Holywood, at about 2150 BST.
The driver was held hostage by three men for about two hours before being told to drive his taxi to the barracks.
Security staff began evacuating the area just before midnight and the bomb exploded at about 0020 BST.
There were two explosions - first the bomb and then the petrol tank, destroying the car and damaging other property.

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