IRA Apology over death

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Plastic Yank, Jun 24, 2005.

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  1. This sort of thing obviously goes down well with the lefties at the Beeb and Guraiad, but what do we think?

    Better late than never or cynical manipulation of the media?
  2. Pity we don't have to apologise for killing a few more of thise b***ards.
  3. If this Government gets its way.........we may very well soon have too.
  4. Cynical to it's very core Plastic Yank and yes AB, they will get there way.
  5. I bet they didn't apologise for the poor Tom that they claimed to have assasinated in retaliation. Ooops did I say assasinated? I meant "legimately killed as an act of the armed struggle to free Ireland from its Saxon oppressors".

    Oh and I'm really sorry that I let the IRA mortar me - I must have been guilty of contributory negligence or provocation or some such...
  6. An apology for killing the girl is good enough then? No one to be brought to justice? The IRA obviously knows which one of them it was.

    What about the soldier killed ?

    No apology for that?
  7. What can we expect from cowards... the same we expect from the IRA I suppose.
  8. **** 'em, every last one of them. They'll all burn in hell for what they did, that's if no-one catches up with the cowardly pieces of shit.
  9. They gonna hand over the perps? :roll:
  10. Once again another cynical move by the IRA. Why did they not tell the truth 30 years ago, because it suited them and their cause to blame the murder on the Army.
  11. I assume as the IRA scum have apologised, Queen Blair is going to give them something in return :roll:
  12. They will no more apologise for this than they have for the abduction, torture, and murder of Gene McConville - a Protestant convert to Catholicism, and mother of ten - whose 'crime' was to try and help a dying British soldier she found outside her door.

    A few months ago on Irish television Mitchell McLaughlin from Sinn Féin/IRA refused to say that her death was a crime when pressed to do so by the Irish Minister for Justice.

    Honestly, if apologies were issued, would any of us here actually accept them? Apologise for murder? - not good enough.
  13. We(bods that have been in the province) all know what the Provos are about. Corupt murdering drug dealing protection racetering gangsters,not freedom fighters. That goes for McGuinnes,Adams, Maskey and the rest at Sinn Feinn too.

    Shame HM Govt doesnt view them the same way as we do.

    I feel deperately sorry for the family of this girl,her parents must now be in there 60s or older,an apology is cold comfort for them.

    Hand over the gunman you cowardly murdering sh*tes,let justice be served. :twisted:
  14. Adams was praising the RA for owning up- seems the fact that they admitted it 30 years later makes everything all right.