IRA announce new proposal to decomission weapons

Is it me or does anyone else have a sneaky suspicion that this is just another cynical move to put the ball in HMG/Unionist's court, thus painting the IRA/Sinn Fein in a whiter than white/'all we want is peace' light?


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Your right, these scum are still trying to find legitimacy, until they do they will retain what they need and make a big show of getting rid of what they don't. There is nothing that they do without trying to further their own ends / organised crimne syndicates and it would be nice to see a few more of them arrested and imprisoned for 20+ years.
They want representatives from the Catholic and Protestant church to witness it? How about independent weapons experts? No? Those date of manufacture stamps can be such an embuggerance can't they?

Better make sure that Michael Aspel and the rest of the Antiques Roadshow team is there as well, I imagine there will be some real beauties coming to light :roll:
I bet they've been dying to get rid of some STENs, No2 Revolvers & other old & useless kak for a while.

Remember the IRA splinter group that did this a few years back? In great publicity a load of old Stens & shotguns were cut up, and the group admitted that they'd acquired newer, guccier wpns & just wanted to get rid of the old stuff! They were just playing the press & the british govt at their own game :roll:
My guess is that this is a case of PIRA/Sinn Fein getting the maximum value from a spoiled resource. Anything they do surrender/put beyond use, is more than likely something that they suspect has been compromised and wouldn't ordinarily touch with a barge-pole...
I beleive it is genuine and sincere approach by PIRA to put an end to the troubles once and for all.

Feckin really, how many more times will they tread this road, theres no sincerity in it and its just an excuse to try and make them look like saints. :x :evil: Terrorism is for the weak.

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