IRA Amnesty???

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by GunnersQuadrant, Mar 7, 2002.

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  1. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    What is going on i hear you ask, well if you havent been reading the papers recently, our glorious leader Tony has decided that all IRA terrorists on the run will be given a pardon and allowed to return to NI.

    On the other hand he is happy enough to talk tough against other terrorist organisations and commit our troops overseas.  Are we involved in a war on all terrorism, or one that just does not included a possible voting uk public.

    Thanks for disrespecting the memory of my friends who never came back.     :mad:

    Ding Ding   round 1.  your views
  2. oh what about the running down of the RUC the admission of Gerry and co to Stormont, The release of convicted murderers. And how many guns have the PIRA decomissioned?
    I voted no in the referendum on the good Friday because I saw all this comming. If they ran the referendum on the good Friday agreement again I don't think it would pass.
    Tony lied to the people of Northern Ireland and has kept lying to the People of the UK. When gerry says jump tony says how high
  3. Let's be realistic about this...... The IRA have always said that all they needed to do was to keep gentley pushing (Sometimes not so gentley) until we had a weak government and they'd get everything they wanted.

    Well they've found that government and over the last couple of years they've been given everything they've pushed for one after the other, giving next to nothing in return. Considering that the Loyalists are just as bad as the IRA I'm surprised that we haven't had a complete break-down of law and order and returned to the near civil war days of the early 70's.

    Our mate Tony is quite happy to sell N. Ireland down the swanny as it's not one of the 'official' terrorist hot spots. I mean, they haven't been killing Americans there for the past 30 years so why should Blair be bothered. Ignore our own door step, get on the "Anti-Terrorist" bandwagon and send troops of to a country that we haven't been bothered with for over 100 years.... that'll impress Bush and get Blair the 'tick in the box' marked world leader.

    As for the friends that have been injured or died trying to maintain the peace in our own Kingdom? Well the knowledge that a woman getting pregnant, or a gay who was kicked out for breaking the contract that they themselves signed getting more compensation than any of the dead or injured, should point to what they are worth in the eyes of the govt.

    Sorry if that's a little bit too political, but I believe that I am entitled to my opinion.  :mad:
  4. Out of all the IRA prisoners we had in our nick, only one didn't make good his boast of being "home by Christmas", good ole Dingus Magee. He was only 6 months late though!
    I have to say it was galling when the SF reps came and took over our visiting room on a regular basis so they could brief their guys on what was happening in the peace process, no screws were allowed in the place, no searching in or out, wot a jolly laff we had over it all!
    We all believed they all knew their release dates before parliament was told
  5. Absolutely fantastic idea letting all those poor sods out.  After all, they are only victims of circumstance.  While we're at it, why not run down the police service, let paramilitary representatives into government, and get rid of those awful green tower thingys on the border (that do nowt incidently but ruin the skyline for tourists).  Just wondering how long before the govt begins downscaling the Home Service element of the R Irish.  Now that Tony has (apparently) pledged military resources in the war against terror.  Dear-oh, almost ranting there.  Somebody stop me!
  6. and quite right too, there are far too many forgotten victims of corrupt justice still held behind british prison bars.

    Now the Courts in the Republic have shown their true colours as another innocent man, Mickey McKevitt, is imprisoned in the cause of spin.

    I eagerly await the appeal hearing
  7. Because Omah was just a jolly jape? right? :x

  8. i take it that you are just playing devils advocate to get people to bite. i hope so, i really do.
  9. 20 years, then!......Result!!

    :twisted: :twisted:
  10. and not enough.
  11. well if they give pira an amnesty what they going to do about the bloody
    sunday enquiry ?
    It would have been cheaper for blair to give a tear soaked apology
    13million quid in compensation and a memorial to the brave? matyrs?
    than the money it has soaked up
  12. Don't let them free, hang the bloody lot by the balls. Not biting just being realistic! :twisted:
  13. The IRA? Don't get me started. The Government has effectively created a category of crime for which there is no punishment. I wonder what the relatives of the victims of those who were murdered make of it all.
    Would they release McKevitt if the Real IRA apologised for being naughty and offered to give up their arms?
    And while I am at it, on the subject of IRA arms dumps. Most if not all of them are in the Irish Republic, so how come they have not been discovered by now? Makes me wonder if they are really looking.
  14. As a soldier I can not support anycircumstances where defenceless people are murdered.

    I do not see how any of you can endorse a case where a man is convicted by a paid agent of the British and American intelligence services?

    PIRA have clearly shown that economic targetting was all that was required to bring the brit government to the negotiating table. Only when the city fat cats took the pain of Mary Axe and the Baltic Exchange did your governemnt sit up and pay attention.

    Could this this tragic litany have been avoided: [​IMG] ?

    Omagh was indeed a brutal, unnecessary slaughter of innocent civilians, as was the Oxford St bus station, La Mon House Hotel, Guildford, Birmingham, Warrington and the Grand Hotel bombings.

    Whilst no where near as tragic, hunderds of thousands of people were dragged from their beds at 4 am for interrogation by the british army screening process. Tens of thousands of households were ripped apart by search teams and nothing found, hundereds were hooded and hung from hovering wessex helicopers over girdwood, palace, drumad and ballykelly, then beaten to within an inch of their lives.

    Please rest assured that the families of Pat Finnucane, Maried Farrell, Dan Mc Cann, Sean Savage, the hunger strikers, the victims of bloody sunday, victims of plastic bullets and numerous dead brit informants, certainly would not subscribe to your "jolly jape" theory!
  15. Stick, think you might have the wrong audience here. I know which side of the fence you sit having read your posts in the past. You’re entitled to your opinion, perceived right or wrong.

    With the sentiment that sits with you, is there any surprise that bugger all has changed in 30 odd years?

    Eerily strange concept for Ulster folk (left or right). Rather than bringing up episodes in the past how about looking forward?

    May you sing long in the Three Steps boyo.