IQ is Mainly Inherited According to Recent Genome Studies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. It was a hope, not an expectation!
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  2. the boat is out on him, surely? He was treading on egg shells in Bosnia when what was needed was some total and utter Serbian deaths - I can not judge, but your views and thoughts would be welcomed. Put the scales more in balance.
  3. Inherited ? That's the fruit of my loins screwed. No cash or grey matter from me then.
  4. No faith in this, dangerous ground.

    After a series of tests over months, I ended up doing the Mensa Culture Fair testing at a local Uni, this put me way up the scale, like with Brains off Thunderbirds or something. Culture Fair is designed for low academic achievers with poor exam technique, like me, who seem to be able to solve problems without explaining how. Should mean that an Eskimo with no formal schooling would hit the same results as me.

    Reckon mine was all guesswork in hindsight. Mam was a Scouse seamstress, and Dad was a violent R. Sigs who died from the booze. All I inherited from them was the ability to do me own stitches after starting a pub fight.
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  5. I'm going on the times I have met him - particularly in a non-military environment.
    BTW, he pulled a fabulous stunt in Serbia, when he organised a football match. As part of the pre-match entertainment, the band of the Coldstream played, in full fig.
    Then the Coldstream free-fall team displayed, landing in the stadium, from where they rapidly disappeared.
    There may be those on here who will dispute the existence of a Coldstream free-fall display team ...
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  6. I did that mensa thing ages ago and got an invite to join.
    I was bright enough to know that £60 was a lot of money for a poor benighted Lcpl.
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  7. Being adopted this is fcuk all use to me! I still don't know if I'm supposed to be a smart, or as thick as ****. I'll stick with lower end, seems easier there.
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  8. Jimmy Saville was a member of mensa. enough said.
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  9. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Very true. He was smart enough not to get caught while he was alive.
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  10. Mutations happen all the time, thats why you get a set from mum and a set from dad. The problem comes when both sets are faulty.
  11. British Airways?

    I worked out, aged 18, that bluffing my way through Sandhurst was a decent move...but I've never professed to be intelligent...
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  12. It's the nationality trends that start to get the lefties frothing as well.
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  13. Hmm, I've known some very intelligent people who achieved zilch in school, because their family never valued schooling, or needed them to leave and get a job ASAP. Some of them finally realised their potential in the forces. I've also known people thick as pigshit who got A-levels and even degrees because mummy pushed and pushed, paid for private tutors, paid for re-marks when exam results didn't come up to scratch. So the match between educational achievement and intelligence is doubtful at best. Throw into the mix the lack of equivalence of quals between systems, different educational costs and opportunities between countries, and my doubts about the validity of this study are growing.
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  14. I can confirm without any risk of contradiction that the Gnomes in our garden are utter dipsticks.
    That is all. Good night.
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  15. Of course there are exceptions and outliers, and nobody is claiming environment has zero effect. However, on average, for large sample sizes, educational attainment is a good proxy for g.

    The high heritability of educational achievement reflects many genetically influenced traits, not just intelligence