Ipswich TA

seeing as i cant join the regs for a bit becuase of my outgoings ive decided to have a crack at the TA. i cant find much aout the Ipswich lot though does anybody know the score?
or 158 regt RLC. Theyre deploying to the 'Stan this time next year if you want to do an op tour soon
(without looking at the above link) i think there are some Inf units nearby aswell, East of England if i remember correctly
Just to confirm, there isn't a Royal Artillery unit in Ipswich anymore as they moved out and were part of 202 battery in Bury St. Edmunds and they are now Army Air Corp.
Hi, Indifferent i have sent you a PM. about Ipswich.
indifferent said:
thanks for all the helpfull replies lads, just spoke to the lady on the end of the phone at sigs, im to go to the centre on weds!! yippee!!
PM me!
Mabey he likes barbed wire and long walks with the dog.
indifferent said:
Cheers for the replies.

Im going on Wedsnesday night.

What should i wear when i go down?? i guess it will be videos and leaflets will it?
Leather chaps and stilletos. Nothing else.
I agree, some delightful people at Ipswich :grin:

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