Ipswich Jokes

Heard these two today, anyone got any to add?

What's the difference between the Ipswich seriak killer and Mr Kipling?
Mr Kipling puts 6 tarts in a box.

It's a good thing Ipswich play football and not rugby; I heard they're five hookers down



Its going to be a cold winter in Ipswich this year. Apparently its minus 5 already. :oops:


Theres a dyslexic Santa on the loose in Ipswich. He keeps leaving Prossies under the tree!!
The Ipswich football match is off on Saturday. A dyslexic serial killer is killing all the substitutes!!!!


War Hero
Had a row with the missus. We're good now. I bought her a new red dress and I'm taking her Christmas shopping in Ipswich...


A senior psychologist was heard to say "this man may be acting on bad advice from his mother"-she may have said to him-"Look son if a woman doesn't satisfy you then ditch her move on and find someone else" :)
No need. It's already in the Guardian.
PartTimePongo said:
No need. It's already in the Guardian.

Oh no! Quick, upturn the furniture and nail crooked bits of wood against the windows!!!!!

Delete ALL the threads that are in no way serious therefore disguising the fact this is a Mil website for mil personel.

Can I suggest a fake moustache for the site as an impromtu disguise? Maybe a hat of some description??

PS Suprised youre not in chat dribbling over the females, PTP.

Oh, you are. :roll:
PartTimePongo said:
No need. It's already in the Guardian.

Cheap shot from the guardian - the two I posted were told to me by Suffolk locals who had absolutely no connection with the military whatsoever.

A quick google search finds these jokes (the majority at least) on forums across the net.

We don't force people to come here, we don't force people to read the forums; if they don't like it they can fcuk off. Right?

Just to make myself totally clear; very very poor journalism on the part of the Guardian... again...
Why have the lefties been complaining about some jokes? link please
anyway another one to mortify the sandle wearing c0ck jockys

Police are urging anyone in Ipswich who wants sex with a prostitute before christmas to hurry up while stocks last. :D
RFUK said:
What happened to the picture I posted? I take it squaddie humour is banned on this site...

Yes it bloody well is!! You dont want the newspapers getting the wrong end of the stick do you for christs sake!!!

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