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IPSA survey concerning MPs pay increase.

The Right Honourable Margaret Hodge MP recently described her profession as one belonging in the public sector. In keeping therefore with the recommended public sector workers pay rise of 1% she was forthright in commenting that the MP rise should be the same.

If you cannot put a face to her name, check out her recent obliteration of the BBC head sheds and their salary entitlements, describing it as a flagrant abuse of public money. Put Chris Patten and his cohorts on the back foot, in full (tv) public view.

Bertie Basset

Apparently we get the parliamentarians we deserve; jeez what the ***** did we do to get the present load of greedy, self absorbed, out of touch, troughing scumbags..................... that'll be a season ticket on the next outr*ge bus along please.....and I just know there'll be three together!

PS, I shall research/google how many of these outstanding 'public servants' started in either (a). the legal profession (b). the PR 'industry' (now there's a misnomer if there ever was one) (c). a real job
Funny how the Armed Forces Independent Pay Review Body can be given very clear guidelines on how much money is available and if the Government still don't like their recommendation, they can and often have staged the payment.

But this approach is not applicable to MP's pay - oh no!
It's not the pay that concerns me, it's the ability to cream off £125,000 a year in expenses for stuff the rest of us have to pay for out of wages, such as food, mortgage, cleaner, gardener, etc., all without receipts.

My employer is nowhere near as generous and is adamant that only expenses supported by receipts will be considered.

Add to that the non-contributory pension, free meals and subsidised wine cellar, plus severance pay for a job which has a five year limit when you take it on, you can surmise that the salary is for savings or investment and the taxpayer funds everything else you might do.

Greedy isn't nearly a good enough word to describe it!

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