Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by steven8gerrard, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. is it worth takin 1 to basic,can they b used whilst doin admin?? would appreciate sum1 tellin me how often i'd b able to use mine..thanks
  2. Up to you, I think it's worth it just so you have something to listen to while you're ironing or to drown out the bloke in the next bunk's snoring! If you're worried about losing it just get a cheapo battery powered radio and take that instead. See my other comments on Chav speak. As an addition it is a convention on this site that it's never used, if you carry on it'll just piss people off and they'll give loads of aggro rather than answering any questions you might have.
  3. ok mate thanks for that i'll try cut out the ''chav talk'' but some people just need to explain their reasons for giving aggro rather than just acting like kids
  4. Seconded on the Chav-Speak.

    As for the I-Pod. If you do take one, take a few precautions. Mark it visibly and invisibly with your details in more than one place. Lock it up when you're not using it. Only use it in your room, and not when marching around camp - even if you are 'stood down'. I would also suggest getting a cheap MP3 Player instead of the I-Pod. Less of a target for thieves.
  5. ok thanks legs i think i'll take an old phone with music on it.slightly off topic but do you have any idea how deprived of football news and results i'll be? i'm a huge liverpool fan and we have everton man u and arsenal after my basic date (if you're not a football fan just ignore that because it will meen nothing to you)
  6. PRIORITIES!!!!!
  7. ha..i'm giving up a season ticket to join but its 1 thing i'll miss more than anything was just wondering thats all
  8. my section commander was a huge newcastle fan so i got all the results off him, more than likley one of your ncos will be into their football and will let you know if you ask
  9. Mate, your not being locked up in a room for 14 weeks (much).. You got access to internet/tv/Naafi (Newspapers) or even phone ya rents in ya spare time. I ad an ipod, great for chillaxing and getting on with admin, just keep it safe.

    /I dont get all these 'what do i bring' threads. You get given a sheet telling you exactly what to bring o_0 (Or you did)
  10. ok thanks..you do get a kit list but it tells u what you need it doesn't tell you what luxurys you can take and its better be safe than sorry
  11. Buy some cheap crappy Mp3 player.. it plays music.. and besides I doubt you'll be using that Ipod much during Basic.. One thing you can do if you choose to bring it is get it engraved with your name, rank and number.. pretty much theft proof then.. it'll either have the engraving on it or a fecking great scratch.
  12. ye people have suggested marking it so that's what i'll do but probably just take an old walkman phone to play music on