iPods vs Guys

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by angelface, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. 01. My iPod only listens to the music I want to listen to.
    02. My iPod is cheaper (factoring in a decent, say six month to a year relationship).
    03. My iPod always does what I tell it to.
    04. I don't have to change myself for my iPod (e.g. pretend I'm not a middle-class yuppie white girl, pretend ghetto rap is a legitimate genre of music).
    05. My iPod doesn't mind going on long car rides (or anywhere, for that matter) with me.
    06. My iPod requires little to no maintenance.
    07. My iPod is always there for me.
    08. When I'm sad, my iPod always has a song to cheer me up.
    09. My iPod can play games with me and keep track of my appointments.
    10. My iPod motivates me at the gym.
    11. My iPod doesn't have an opinion on anything I think or do.
    12. My iPod has a user-friendly interface.
    13. My iPod doesn't need to spend time with "the boys."
    14. My iPod has software upgrades.
    15. My iPod can go for eight hours at a time. :twisted:
  2. bored....

    Cut and Paste
  3. It may well be but its all true :lol:
  4. I bet you're single Angelface. I bet you're a fan of pies as well.
  5. Still I bet the pies would be more satisfying and you can always turn an iPod off. Same can't be said about you can it?

    You seem to be posting in Lonely Hearts an awful lot Plug. Something you want to tell us?
  6. (Load of drivel about being stalked by Hitler in this forum - deleted in error because I pressed the wrong button - whoops - never mind it was drivel anyway :) - Scary)

    Truth be told, I find this forum almost as funny as the Best of Naafi Bar.
  7. Better than being a pie and a fanny me thinks
  8. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Off to the NAAFI Bar with it.