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  1. Apologies for the topic but it's logistics of a sort.

    How does one go about getting full length movies on an ipod? ie ripping it off a dvd and onto the thing?


  2. I did have a software program called viadora (I think) that converts the file to load onto an ipod.

    I will check if I still have it and PM you - if so I will send you a copy.

  3. any chance getting it as well cheers. there is also an easier way to do it as well it uses a process called bit torrent downloading this site is designed for ipod formatted film files just go on it pick a film and then you may need to install a type of downloading program like utorrent or azureus here is the site the file files and for the downloading program if theres any problems pm me
  4. Best bet is to ask in Rum Ration - assuming the Iranians haven't nicked the lot.