Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Murielson, Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. Any of you folks got one and if so where from, which one etc advice would be appreciated. I like the idea of being able to play anything from iPod through nearest FM receiver etc so this is now towards the top of my shopping list at the moment.
  2. I had an IpodMini for a while but it is amazing how quickly it fills up. When it came to replace it I just went for the monster 60 gig photo jobby. It does what is says on the tin and I tend to use it for playing audiobooks while driving down the motorway. For that it's fine, although I did have to invest in something called an Icelink which enables you to play it though the cd changer and search/play etc just as if it was a cd.

    Be aware too, that the FM transmitter things are apparently illegal in the UK....
  3. Wait out..... Apple are going to be launching a new ipod this week. Once this happends all the others will drop in price. :)
  4. How does this icelink thing work, have just bought an ipod and want to use it in the car?

  5. Look here...


    Got mine here...

  6. If you go to the UK apple store and the education bit, you can get a 10% discount just by typing in the name of a UK university
  7. Tjnaks for the info guys. Not looking at the icelink thing - looking at the illegal FM transmitter. Enables you to 'broadcast' to your car radio or any other receiver you wish to listen through. Lot of flexibility in there - just broadcast to hi-fi etc in your own home if you wish.




    Only illegal cos you would be classed as a radio station according to broadcast laws etc I believe.
  8. And presumably because your choice of music will suddenly be playing in all the vehicles that you overtake and are within range? :D
  9. Got the Griffin Technology i Trip fm transmitter. It works well, but can be suceptible to interferance from other fm channels when roaming.


    Also beware battery life problems. I've had a 20 gig pod for about 15 months, and the battery has now started to misbehave. :(

    Hope this helps
  10. Be educating them to listen to good music then.

    Sure power levels on these things are low enough to reduce effects on others.
  11. Get the ITrip thingie off Ebay, trying to purchase one over here, got me lots of "Sorry not available in the Uk"
  12. I have a mini ipod which is great although the battery doesn't keep its charge as long as it is supposed to. No problems with it skipping music when I take it running or for gym work. Mr S_M has the ipod shuffle. I like to see what songs I have lined up but he likes the shuffle for its small size. The new ipod nano looks good but is having problems with the glass breaking!
    I have used the cassette connector in the car to listen to my ipod but the sound quality is quite poor (and relies on you having a cassette player in the car). Small S_M (mark 1) wants a mini ipod for Xmas, I'll probably get her one since the prices are dropping dramatically now! I have all the connectors I need for any ipod now (ish) except speakers which leads me to a question for you all.
    Does anyone have speakers for their ipod and if so which ones and are they any good (I want to get some that charge the ipod too)
  13. I been told the reason its not available here is because its illegal. Something to do with it being similar to a pirate radio station when its transmitting.
  14. iPod Video has just been released. Music, Podcasts, Photo's and Videos. Those FM Transmitters are available in the UK. A good one is the Audia X. Audia X Review here And you can purchase one Here for £21.59

    A windows phone is used in the review but don't worry, it connects to an iPod. You'll notice in the review it needs an adapter, this is just for the smartphone because the headphone jack is slightly smaller than regular ones.