Ipod update

Thanks for the warning
where can I get films for my ipod?
Filbert Fox said:
where can I get films for my ipod?
Use a programme (I use something like 99bytes or something like that) that converts dvd to ipod/psp movie format. Transfer from pc to ipod/psp and Robert is your mothers brother
Thanks Quicktime and Itunes updated yesterday. But haven't put the ipod to update since so lucky i saw this. Do you no what it does etc... Restoring not work?
No restore doesnt work because it restores to the new firmware. It doesnt rollback to full factory settings (no i cant understand why either)

After 3 phone calls and 1 1/2 hours on the phone I am still nowhere nearer getting it sorted so will probably return it. all i want is the file to rollback the firmware but they will not give me it.

Never ever but Apple, they are shite.

And if you do have an ipod never update without checking online for problems.

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