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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gedd, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. Two things guys
    1) I've just got myself an ipod and am looking for ideas to fill it up with- perhaps give me your top five
    2) Does anyone know if it is just i-tunes i can get tracks from or can i get them from any where on the net?

  2. You don't have to use the iTunes Music Store; you can download tracks anywhere, and then import them into iTunes to transfer them to your iPod.
  3. Get bearshare from www.bearshare.com and you can download lots of choons for you pod, illegal downloads of course... shhhh
  4. DONT use Bearshare, just google bearshare and read up on it first, when I used it it keeps your computer on and allows other people to access your music (using lots of bandwidth, thats the "share" part of it) took ages to get rid of and internet connection was really slow whilst I had it installed.
  5. You can also just import songs from any CDs you have lying around.
  6. You can choose not to share your music on bearshare, therefor not allowing outside access to your computer. It is by far the best download program I have used. You can also simply quit the program if you are finding the internet slow. Winmx is another option.
  7. You will have to convert them to MP3 format though, which I found out after 2 hours of transfering. :oops:
  8. Not for an ipod you dont. For mp3 players you may have to. Itunes automatically converts for the ipod.
  9. use a search engine for song titles or artists you want. plenty of people upload music to their own sites/blog pages. search for what you want and get it for free. just takes time. i use altavista.com search engine personally. not sure how legal this is but its free (i,m a tightwad) :)
  10. While I'm all for a bargain I suggest you always bear in mind the following. More resources are put into illegal music/video downloads on the internet than any other area. It is not uncommon to be individually targetted and prosecuted. Although admittedly it's very commonplace.

    One other thing. It's definately worth getting Itunes, just to browse the podcasts, they are generally free and I can highly recommend the Gaurdian Unlimited Ricky Gervais weekly comedy podcast to start you off.
  11. A question for the ipod owners - do they play mp3's or do you need to convert them to another format such as ATRAC? Thinking of getting an mp3 player and a bit torn between an ipod and one of the creative thingies and as i've got thousands of mp3's I am looking for ease of use etc...
  12. mp3 tracks work on ipods as well but i would rather spend my money on an mp3 play rather than ipod as i think there over rated
    if you can convert your files to wmv rather than mp3 with prog supplied you get much more on
    just bought an mp3 with a sd card for 20 great bit of kit its 128 mb with out card but can go up to 1 gb
    and when converted files it hold loads
  13. Ipod won't play mp3's, however if you get the creative zen micro it will play just about anything you put towards it, and it glows blue when you charge it up!!
  14. If you're looking for a fileshare program you won't go wrong with either Ares lite, or Limewire- both are spyware free and have a great network of stuff. You can also cut off uploads on both of them, to stop bandwidth compromise.

    If you know anyone else with an iPod that's full of stuff, there are a couple of homebrew programs that work nicely to let you steal all their music onto your ipod- can't remember the name of the best one off the top of my head but will have a look.