iPod Touch

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Dragstrip, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. I've done a search and came up with lots of iPods and lots of touching but not much on the iPod Touch.

    Anyone got one? What's the gen? I'm thinking that it might make a cool alternative to a PDA for basic tasks such as calender etc, as well as the music, video and other applications. What's the battery life like? Do they scratch as badly as the other iPods (I gather the Touch has a glass rather than plastic screen)? I assume the a glass screen has a greater chance of breaking if dropped on the kitchen floor.
  2. For all your scratch protection needs use Invisible Shield(TM), comes precut dependant on required peripheral and is feck'n awesome at protecting from scratches.
  3. i have the first gen ipod touch and is a good piece of kit music movies and tv shows for long journeys and for buisness se there is the calender, notes and stock exchange as standard and with the new app store through itunes you can download loads more the 2nd gen has just been released which is pretty much the same but a different curvier design and built in speakers for the screen it is very tough never had any scratches but recently dropped it screen down shattering the screen but until that day the screen stayed scratch free but the metal backing is very prone to scratching i bought a cheep rubber casing which did sweet F A to stop it bout bout a plastic case which did a nice job preventing scratches just dont drop the damn thing in an asda car park.

    hope this helps