ipod touch?

Bought one off evilbay that is "unlocked to all networks" apparently.So I swap the SIM cards over,I'm on Vodafone.Try to sync to itunes and get fecked off with a message saying my SIM card is not compatible.Does this mean I have to go to O2 from now on?
If it is a Touch it's very different from mine, what Generation?
There's always the chance they lied about it being unlocked to make it more sellable!
Again mine doesn't have a slot for a sim card so it must be embedded, it picks up wifi networks easily enough.


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you need a compatible sim card for the Iphone. network should send them out free if you ask
I've got an iPod Touch, it does not take a sim card, it is wi-fi (and bluetooth) only.
Haha, so you got sold an iPod touch which has a sim card but it's locked to a particular provider,even though the seller told you it wasn't. Either you have been ripped off or there is wahness about.
Touch ( any gen) doesn't have a sim card,

Go to :
Down to model number and put it into Apple support and it will ID what you've bought

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