iPod Touch - playing it through a TV ?

Was recently out a mates house and he had cables from his Wireless laptop plugged into his TV and we watched YouTube clips of bands & music. It was OK quality.

I have an iPod Touch and wondered if you can get a cable or an adapter that would allow you to do the same.

Am a bit of a luddite with technology !!
Just a couple of points on this as I have one plugged into my TV at the mo.

Firstly if you splurg a little more on a Universal iPod Dock then you can remotely change what you are listening to, however this only works to start your music and not on any of the video. You have to manually choose and start the video. Once the video has started you can then use the remote.

Secondly only video will be displayed on your TV i.e. if you play music through your TV you will not get the album art.

Thirdly I also have an iPhone as well as an iTouch and the iPhone says that is not the accessory is not compatible but it does work. However I'd put the airplane mode on so as not to disturb your viewing!!

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