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i have an old ish ipod touch but the issue i have is my laptop got trashed on exercise so i have bought a new one. my ipod has a password that i cant remember. i cant unlock or restore it as it reqs the pin and the computer isnt the same one that registered it initialy.
i dont mind if i end up wipeing the entire ipod as i want to replace all the music and vids on it any way.
i have tried the reset by pressing the home key whilst inserting the usb plug. but it keeps on askin for the password....help please

You'll want to place the iPod touch into DFU Mode, by following one of these three steps:

(ZiPhone and iLiberty+ are programs that can be downloaded for free.)

1. Hold down Sleep/Wake button and Home button together, until the iPod touch powers off. Once the iPod touch turns on again, let go of the Sleep/Wake button about 1 or 2 seconds later, still holding the Home button. Once plugged in to your computer, iTunes will recognize the device is in Recovery Mode. You can now restore which will set the iPod touch back to factory defaults, thus removing the passcode.

2. Open up iLiberty+ and other the Other Tools tab select Enter DFU Mode. Your iPod touch will be recognized as in Recovery Mode by iTunes once you plug it in, at which point you can restore through iTunes. This will wipe the passcode as you're setting the device back to factory defaults.

3. Open up ZiPhone and select Prepare for Upgrade. You're iPod touch needs to be plugged in to your computer before doing so, and once you select that option iTunes will recognize that your device is in recovery mode. You can now restore through iTunes which sets the device back to factory default thus removing the passcode.

Edit to add: I don't use an iPod, cos they're shite.
My itouch now isn't recognised by my laptop when I plug it in I've wiped iTunes off my laptop and re installed it but still no joy.
When I plug my itouch in the laptop just recognises it as an itouch and iTunes starts up but there's no symbol of it being connected.
Can anyone offer any advice please

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