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Ipod stuck HELP!!!

Try moving the lock switch to lock then back.

Straight after press and hold the center button and play at the same time. This is a software reset and should square it away.


Hold down the select button (centre) and the play/pause button (bottom of the wheel) for a few seconds. This is a reset, without losing your music, etc.
Nothing is working lads ,it doesn't even show as connected! Might have to wait for the battery to go flat and try again. Thanks very much anyways!!
STILTS said:

If it is totally fooked I use this company for data recovery:

Web Page NameFind My Data

They are very good I have used them a few times for work.

You can do it yourself, as my link describes to you. Something like, my computer, i-pod, show hidden folders, copy and paste ;).

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