Ipod stuck HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by padme, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. Help me ipod is stuck, nowt moving whatsoever!!!
    Can i just put it back to factory settings and start afresh?
  2. Try plugging it in to charge, then holding down the menu button?
  3. Try moving the lock switch to lock then back.

    Straight after press and hold the center button and play at the same time. This is a software reset and should square it away.

  4. If you connect it to your PC, browse to it via the iTunes application you will be given the option to restore it to factory settings.

  5. Twat it with a 2lb lump hammer
  6. Padme

    Hold down the select button (centre) and the play/pause button (bottom of the wheel) for a few seconds. This is a reset, without losing your music, etc.
  7. Send it to President Ahmadinejad in Iran. He might swap it for an ex-Navy model, circa 2007, only one previous tearful owner.
  8. Nothing is working lads ,it doesn't even show as connected! Might have to wait for the battery to go flat and try again. Thanks very much anyways!!
  9. chuck it at the wall padders....won't fix it but you'll feel LOTS better!
  10. Just noticed if you listen to that song and watch the spaz in spazzes post

    IT FITS!!!!!! strange
  11. Pads, use the REME fine adjustment tool, the 14 lb variety normally works best, tap I-pod with said tool and then go to Currys etc and buy a new one.