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Could have sworn there was a thread about this, but can't find anything..

Anyone recommend a set of portable speakers to share my erm, eclectic musical tastes with everyone?

I had a brilliant set of Phillips ones that have finally packed up and typically can't find another set anywhere.

I have had a few sets over the years and most have been sh1t, so I'd appreciate the input of my esteemed Arrsers.

Obviously, I don't intend to gaffer them onto a chopper and blast 'Flight of the Valkyries', but I am looking for something packable, loud and fairly tough.

I have found that most of the cheaper ones are very tinny and not much use at all.
I got a set of JBL speakers, small and compact, great sound, fold up neat and were on sale in Tesco for about £15-20.
They are actually good enough that I have plugged them into my laptop and used them for extra sound when instructing to a large class.

An example but not the cheapest by far
I've got a set of these: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000G0EK2I/?tag=armrumser-21 sound quality is good unless you really crank up the volume! they can be either mains or AA battery powered, Fold up neat, and have a port so they can be used as laptop speakers etc.

The way they fold up is one of the main reason i bought them as i managed to wreck and earlier set by sticking them at the bottom of my grip bag.
on a similar note, anyone able to recommend a good fm transmitter? I dug out my old iTrip and bugger me, if it doesn't go on my new iPod!!! Its a classic 80Gb
A new iTrip shouldn't cost you more than £15 on fleabay.
JBL make great speakers, but the best ones need a 240v power supply. Bose do a f*ck-off rechargable sound dock, but it's more than £200 and the size of a chunky laptop.


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Creative do 2.0 and 2.1 stereo sets that are pretty handy -I've got one of their 2.1 setups plugged into my pc and they sound infinitely better than the price would have you believe.
I'm a fan of the Bose Sounddock ones. Granted, they are a little on the pricey side, but you can't beat them for sound quality/volume.
Bose are great, just got one, does just what we want and the sound is v good despite my hearing.

However we had to buy locally (we are on a BFPO address) as when trying to buy on Amazon, a few days after placing the order it was canceled by Amazon/retailer, saying that they can not dispatch to our address, no other explanation.

If the Bose is to big I have also got a pair of Logitec speakers with a USB connection for my netbook, they come with a semi-rigid case and when packed are larger than the netbook but they do have good sound and do not need mains power themselves, though they do drain the netbook battery if used on high volume. About £45 from PC World.

Edited to reflect that you want them for an iPod, not a net book so ignore my third paragraph, unless you want to daisy chain iPod, netbook and speakers which rather defeats the object of the iPod portability.
ringdoby said:

I bought one of these a few weeks back, to take on holiday. It's a very loud speaker considering it is little bigger than a golf ball. Daisy chain 2 or more of them together.

Rechargeable via USB.
Seen and bought.

Terribly disappointed when I opened the box - but terribly surprised once they were plugged in. Astonishing sound from a squash ball sized speaker.

Great fun to be had drunkenly racing them across the table with a very bassy tune on!

Last a good six hours continous use.

Get two and a decent splitter and you're laughing, although my muckers weren't!

Thoroughly recommended.

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