iPod shuffle pocket on new smock?

Just been issued a nice new smock (combat, windproof, woodland, dp) and on the left arm is a tiny pocket. It is just large enough for an iPod shuffle. It is a bit fiddly but must have some purpose.

My idiot clerk says it is for survival kit (like he'd know)
My useless zeppelin storesperson says ear defenders
My gobshite door gunner says small change

But what is it for and why?

For the benefit of all those frightfully dull walt threads about badges it comes with a union flag already sewn on, so all that rubbish about 'you can only wear it if you've been on ops' is pompous rubbish. Having said that this stuff never makes it to the worthy territorials or the Hitler Youth does it?

P.S. It is already falling apart.
Can you post a picture? DCTA might then be able to give you an answer, or explain they simply responded to some bizarre user request.
It is for the gizmo (technical term) to aid detection should you be buried in an avalanche, according to DCTA.

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