ipod problem

Just logged on,and they want me to "Authorise this computer" Had it installed for two years,never had this before.Put in my code,not working.I get the error message (-42003) Apple help centre is no use,I've uninstalled and re-booted.Any other thoughts?


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Assuming you are posting from civiliastion, go to your nearest iStore when its busy. Speak slighly louder than normal but dont shout. Use expressions like "But it just froze up..." "I bought it because I was told Apple kit was robust..." "Is there a reliability issue with this iPod..." etc.

Worth a try?
That would mean mixing with the Burberry masses at Bluewater.Surely if Jobs is aware of this problem as they have a "fix" his team could sort it.
I ususally get the neighbours 9 year old to do this sort of thing,but the bairn has some sort of pox.
I'll try later after gutting the deer.


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If you have an iPod, you have a problem. Bloody sheep :p

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