Ipod or MP3 player

Asking for some advice here. Daughters birthday coming up and she wants an Ipod or MP3 player type thingy. Any techno's out there have any recommendations? Cheers
Get her a Sony Walkman, the new MP3 player. Or the last model before that. The music is a better quality and the battery life is better. And people always comment about how it looks better than the ipod.
I do agree with the crustacean above, however for christs sake ask your daughter. She probably wont care a damn if the quality is better or if it has extended battery life or has the latest doodat attached. If her mates consider Ipod's cool, then thats what she'll probably want. But personally i'd go for the sony.
Creative Zen Micro, plays any format you chuck at it and has a built in radio too and you can record like a dictaphone so could be handy for school.Also it glows a nice BLUE when it recharges which is kinda COOL!
Stay away from Ipods! They break down with tedious regularity.

OK they have an excellent warranty and repair system, but once out of warranty period, you're stuffed.
I just bought a Creative Zen Nano Plus 1 Gigabyte and think its fantastic....

1GB so i find it can hold about 40 albums of music at good quality.... it takes AAA batts so no hassle about trying to charge up its internal batteries when travelling... has a radio... dictaphone... good software for converting from other file formats...

I bought it online from this place... www.pixmania.com beware though they are a french company and from googleing their name you can see their support is not always what it should be... however I decided to risk it as they were very cheap..

Thanks for the replies. She aint that young so shouldnt be swayed by what her mates have got trendiness wise. Ipod just seems to be getting to be a generic name for mp3 dubrey firkins nowadays.

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