iPod noob - advice appreciated

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by scaryspice, Jun 17, 2007.

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  1. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    So I've finally decided to join the iPod generation....

    I've got iTunes on the PC and am happily ripping my CDs to it.

    I'm about to get a natty little 8Gb iPod Nano in black from Amazon (unless anyone knows anywhere cheaper than £135 - please don't say E-Bay...)

    So time for some dim questions.

    1. Headphones - obviously it comes with the standard nasty cheap ear-pod thingys. I'd like something better so I'm not sharing my music with the whole world. I don't want to pay a fortune though - paying more than the iPod costs for Bose noise-cancelling ones is not an option! Recommendations anyone?

    2. Set of reasonably portable speakers to plug it into that don't sound like the music is being played from the bottom of a deep well. Again, don't want to pay a fortune. What have people tried and found reasonable?

    3. I'd like to be able to play the thing in the car, but there's no way of plugging it into my car stereo. I see on E-Bay a number of people are selling mini-FM transmitters which apparently let you tune your FM radio in to your iPod. Are they any good? Are they legal in the UK?

    Any and all advice appreciated.
  2. 1. i found the headphones that came with mine ok,but i'm no connisseur

    2. i've got an Intempo dock with speakers..again not gucci but not tinny or nasty either http://www.abound.co.uk/rf/abo/navigation/product.do?Mis_item_id=15&product=379286776&D=379286776&Ntt=379286776&Dx=mode+matchall&Ntk=group_search&Mis_item_loc_id=1&Ntx=mode%20matchallpartial&Np=1&N=0&Nu=this_product&Nty=1&thisprod=379286776&SNtt=PT440&SNu=pca_id

    3.I'm told the FM transmitters ARE illegal,but didn't take much notice.Havingsaid that the iTrip one i bought (cheaply) is a bit sh!t! (or possibly its my car stereo thats sh!t...being a Fiat!)
  3. i'd recommend a half decent pair of in-ear sennheiser earphones (£20-£40) and as for the transmitters (iTrip) i believe they are now legal, i know you can buy them in some major outlets (currys, dixons, etc. ~£15). i've been using an iTrip in the car for about two years (got it from canada) and i've got no complaints.
  4. ref iTrip, i know the law changes were pushed through towards the end of last year, i just don't know if the changes have been applied yet. iPod earphones are acoustically sh1te.
  5. I just got £100 of itunes vouchers on Ebay for £15
    Thought it was a scam but took the risk, all worked perfectly.
    Do a serch for itunes vouchers
  6. The i-trip or equivilant are pretty crap. They work fine if you are not moving, however as soon as you are on the move they suffer very badly from interference from all other radio sources. In London they are useless.
    Check out Halfords, this week they have started to sell ipod compatible car stereos from £79.

    If anyone is interested I have a brand new in the box, still in cellophane 30gig video ipod, you can have it for £120.

    Its black.

  7. i remember seein in the papers a few months ago, about fm transmitters now been legal, the fact that they're now in most shops, whereas before they were only available online, supports this, i personally use sony in ear phones, i've found nothing comes close to the sound quality for 30 quid,
  8. 1. Ditch the headphones, they really are sheeite. I bought a pair of Etymotic earphones from Ipodworld. Not cheap at £80 but the best earphones I've ever used for sound and comfort.

    2. I use my iPod through my home stereo and although the sound isn't as good as a CD, its more than adequate. Don't know about portable systems though - sorry!

    3. iTrips. Hate the things. Too much interference, FM hiss and utterly useless in London. I've gone back to using my cassette adaptor thingy and although there are cables all over the place, the sound quality is sooo much better.
  9. Aye but most cars these days arent fitted with a tape deck anymore
  10. Aren't I lucky then? :roll:
  11. Yes, check your PM's.
  12. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Thanks guys. Looks like I need to buy some decent headphones then.

    Ref playing in-car. Fitting a new stereo isn't an option - the car's newish and the stereo is built in and not easily replaceable - and no it doesn't have a tape deck! Anyone who isn't in London care to comment on the reception from the fabled iTrip?

    Osta - thanks but I want an iPod nano for the smaller size and lighter weight!
  13. as i say, i'm not loondon (i hail from the shithole that is leicester) and as i've said, i've not had any probs wih my iTrip. the sound is acceptable, it largely just comes down to placing the iPod somewhere that causes little interference. i know that makes no sense, but buy one and move it about a bit in the car and you'll see what i mean.

    for <£20, you can't go wrong really.
  14. One of my colleagues brought in his iPod and iTrip one night shift, i'd never seen the iTrip before - very impressive, top tip was turn down the iPod volume and use the stereo volume control. The windscreen wipers were the only thing I noticed that had an impact on the sound quality.

    I think they are very good, and being able to play 'eye of the tiger' whilst racing along to an emergency call is great fun, even more fun is playing 'I fought the law' to the individual detained in the back :D
  15. I've got an Itrip and would agree that in London it's really not the best, luckily though my new car has an auxiliary input in that I could get a cable for.