ipod Nano replacement.

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. Having been given an iphone by Father Christmas,I thought I'd get rid of the Nano.
    I put it onto Evilbay and instantly had 12 people "watching" I was then contacted by some Irish bloke who explained the interest.Taking his advice I went onto the Apple website to see if the Nano was eligible for exchange.
    Their site kept freezing me out,so rang their Help Line.I was informed that the Nano was a Gen2 and not included in the exchange programme.
    I still had doubts so took it into the Apple shop In Tunbridge Wells this morning.
    The youth says"Oh yes that's a Gen 1,we'll get that changed for you"

    So if you have an old Nano Gen 1 in your sock draw it may be worth looking into.
    Apple say they wil replace it with a refurbished Nano - however the youth in the shop showed me the latest delivery they had for exchange,they are Gen6
  2. How much does it cost? I have a gen 2 that has gone t*ts up and I have been looking for a replacement. I got my iphone 3gs replaced for £139 from apple for a reconditioned one.
  3. A better exchange would have been for a standard MP3 player. :)
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  4. Sorry mate,I din't explain that very well did I?
    There is a problem with the Gen 1 Nano,seems the battery overheats,so appld did a recall for the Gen 1.

    I'm Bored - Google "iPod Nano exchange"or similar and you'll get a link to Applecare.You are supposed to be able to check the serial number to see if your Nano is affected,but I only ever got a blank screen,hence the visit to the shop.
    Good luck with it!
  5. I have a Gen 1 lurking somewhere too that is sha*ged. Will be popping down to the Apple shop later this week I think.
  6. If it has the black or white front and silver back plate you should be fine.
  7. Mine arrived this morning and I was a bit surprised! It's a lot smaller than my original Nano, so I hope I don't lose it. But I agree with vanman, it's worth digging up your old nano. The exchange was a minimum of fuss and I have a shiny new gadget to get me through the dullest of months of the year :).
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  8. It took a little less than 5 weeks after I'd send it back to Apple. Best of it was the note that came with it: "In some cases due to limited availability of replacement stock of iPod nano (1st generation) Apple may have replaced your iPod with a more recent iPod model of equivalent or better specification".

    And they did. It has a touch screen, double the amount of storage space and it has a clip so I can attach it to my shirt when running instead of shoving it under a bra strap.
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  9. Mine has apparently shipped yesterday... took rather longer than 5 weeks though. Think I sent it off in November.
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  10. Just arrived - pretty pleased. It's half the physical size of my old one, twice the capacity and it has other bits built in too, like a radio.