Ipod Mini and Ipod Shuffle question

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by hurryupandwait, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. Had no idea which forum to put this in but figured some of our G4 friends might be able to help me out!

    I have an IPod Mini and I want to buy the missus an IPod Shuffle for Xmas. Problem is that I only have one laptop with my ITunes on it. Apparently you cannot use two IPods and ITunes on the same computer?

    We have totally different music tastes so is there any way of having two seperate ITunes on the same laptop or do you need to have a seperate ITunes on a seperate laptop for each IPod product? :D
  2. Not certain if this works but:

    First create a folder in iTunes with all the music your missus will want on her iPod. Then in the preferences tell it to only update iPod manually - you can tell it to only load set folders or songs for example. So when you connect your iPod you can update every folder except the one for your other half, and when she connects her iPod etc... At least thats how I think it works.
  3. Alternatively, set her up as a seperate user in the User Accounts control panel. When she logs in her iTunes library is stored in her docs folder, and her iPod will sync only her music.
  4. I don't bother with the syncing, just do it manually.

    You can have two Ipods, as my mate took a load of tracks from mine about a week ago. You simply can't have two synced to the same Itunes I think.
  5. Many thanks to one and all! Problem solved! :D
  6. If your missus has a different profile on your PC, i.e., a different username and password then having two iPods is not a problem.
  7. Also, consider paying the extra and getting the Nano instead of the shuffle. Its a better IPOD for alot of reasons, although all IPODs get bad press for some reason or another. The extra storage, screen, user interface and the ability to store photo's on it more than make up for the extra cost.
  8. You can use two ipods witht the same ITunes as we do.
    I get around the music taste problem by using the My Rating system.
    The music i like i rate either 4 or 5 stars, the wife rates her music 1 or 2 stars and stuff we both like we rate 3 stars. You then create smart play lists and only sync these with your IPod
  9. Whilst the subject of iPODs has been brought up, has anyone purchased and used the FM transmitter accessory for use with your car radio? There a few on the market, and all with a mixed review, usually negative. I'm fed up driving and having the earphones constantly snagging on the seat belt, etc.
  10. Yes I did, and it was shite. It packed up after about a month and if you are running it with an Ipod ( I prefer Creative Zen) then you will need a splitter for your DC power socket or the MP3 player will discharge (long journeys) It needed constant retuning (4 presets) and the quality was shocking...
  11. I have the griffin itrip V2.o as it charges the ipod at the same time and also lets you choose raidio frquency. Buy off ebay for a bargin, i find it especially useful as i use a lot of hire cars which only have cd players!

    However if you have a tape player the best thing is to use the tape adapter as it is by far the better quality and least hassle!

  12. Anyone found a better quality FM transmitter than the ones available when this thread was doing the rounds first time chaps?

    In the market and the selection appears quite large but no info around on quality. Thanks in advance.

  13. Never had any luck with the transmitters, but i've just forked on a new stereo which does bluetooth for the phone and has a socket for an iPod to plug into on a male-male cable.


    Although the fucking thing was £20 more when i bought it two weeks ago :x
  14. I bought a new car stereo a while ago and it was a sony one and was around £70 with a 3.5mm jack on the front, I have used the FM transmitter units in the past although at high volume they have a fair bit of hiss.

    Also in some cities and busy areas there is a lot of interference to these devices. The best units to go for are the ones that go into the cigarette lighter and hold the iPod, charge it and do the FM transmitter functionality.